In Moscow, opened to traffic on the traffic circle at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road to the highway Veshnyaki-Lubertsy

25.11.2011. A month earlier than in Moscow open to traffic on the traffic interchange at the intersection of the Moscow Ring Road to the highway Veshnyaki-Lubertsy.

On November 25, east of Moscow opened interchange connecting the Moscow ring road and highway Veshnyaki-Lubertsy. It allows you to provide a "vsepovorotnoe movement aimed at congresses, excluding the rebuilding of traffic in the area of isolation."

Work on the construction of interchanges, which were conducted in 2008, was divided into two phases. In the first were built 9.5 kilometers of roads, has a tunnel length of 65 meters and has seven overpasses. At the second stage, there was 2.7 kilometers of roads rehabilitated congresses and local thoroughfares, built overpass 540 meters in length. In addition, the project was expanded Ring Road in the area of 640 meters.

The cost of the project amounted to 13.3 billion rubles.

As stated on the site of the construction department of Moscow, the first time the solution will work in partial mode. In particular, the movement towards the metro station "Vyhino" while only allowed for public transport.

According to the deputy mayor for the construction of Marat Husnullina, who attended the opening of the junction, now the authorities are preparing a project to extend the route Veshnyaki Lubertsy-aside "Vyhino." It will be ready in the first quarter of 2012.

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