In Moscow planned to plant 40 million trees

In Moscow in 2012. planned to plant trees twice as much as in 2011. These data are presented in the materials for the meeting of the government of the capital. In 2011. the city has planted some 21 million trees and shrubs of about 62 thousand. "In 2012. Planned to plant about 40 million trees, 99 thousand shrubs, to equip 153 hectares of lawns," — said the materials.

Furthermore, the information indicates that, in 2011. Moscow city government signed an agreement with the Federal Forestry Agency (FFA) "On the interaction on the organization of the use, conservation and protection of forests located in the Moscow region. "

As part of this document in the past year in the park shelter belt, work began on surveying the boundaries of forest areas.

In 2012. continue the restoration of the natural potential transmitted Moscow forest plots with a total area of about 35 hectares that make up the forest-park zone of Moscow. In particular, we carried out a set of measures to ensure fire safety, as well as measures for sanitary clean-up and reforestation.

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