In Moscow, the head of the tax office caught on a bribe of 3 million rubles


In Moscow on suspicion of taking bribes detained the chief metropolitan tax office number 14 Svetlana Romanicheva and senior state tax inspector of field tax audits Natalia Romashkina number 2. Women suspected of accepting a bribe of 3 million rubles., Said RBC Head of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Moscow Marina Tretyakov.

The operation to arrest an official in was held the day before, on October 27. In the operation took an active part of the Federal Security Service Revenue Service and the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department of the Interior (MOI) of Russia.

According to authorities, tax officials tried to extort money from the head of a large commercial organization for the concealment of violations of tax laws and for general patronage during the audit.

The transfer of money was made in two stages. Initially, the funds were transferred to the inspector in the car next to the tax office, after which N.Romashkina was arrested and immediately declared its readiness to cooperate with the investigation.

In the second phase, the inspector gave the money to his supervisor. During the production of 1.5 million rubles. near the metro station "Barrikadnaja" chief inspectorate number 14, was arrested red-handed.

All materials submitted to the investigating authorities for a decision to institute criminal proceedings on st.290 Criminal Code (bribery).

M.Tretyakova noted that currently the department is actively working to combat corruption in the tax authorities.

In mid-October 2011. Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov said that the average bribe in Moscow reached the sum of $ 3 million "bribe of more than $ 3 million — the norm for Moscow, to the federal level. And, for example, for some of the region is the exorbitant sum ", — added K.Kabanov.

According to him, in a system of bribes in Russia, nothing has changed. "Most were taking bribes average leaders. They take larger amounts than the minor officials, doctors and teachers "- said K.Kabanov.

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