In Murmansk, built the first house for the resettlement of slum housing

House Floor area of approximately 7,000 square meters, is designed for 162 families, the first of which will begin to call in to a new place in February and March 2013.

Head of Murmansk Alex Weller promised that next year's entries housing will be kept active, since it is necessary to increase the momentum in order to meet the remaining 4 years and fulfill the main promise of Five — "The 100th anniversary of Murmansk — no pieces of wood."

"The city begins to grow rapidly, it is a fact we are in this posposobstvuem — said Alexei Borisovich. — Now it is the construction of three houses on the street Generalova, we are planning to introduce them in 2013. We plan to begin construction on the street Heroes of NF in place "pieces of wood." In court backlog Zhilstroi on the Kola prospectus. The program starts to gain momentum, it just needs to push. For us to fully close the program to resettle all, we need to build 50 more of the same houses. "

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