In Murmansk completed modernization of the overload of SNF and reconstruction of quay Atomflot

In Murmansk completed modernization of the overload of spent nuclear fuel in the reconstruction of berth number 5 on the industrial site "Atomflot."

Construction work on the project began in July 2011. Starting complex is intended for loading operations covers the spent nuclear fuel discharged from floating technical bases, in protective containers. As a general contractor NIKIMT-Atomstroy performed at the facility main construction works.

It was carried out dredging for approach and mooring of vessels at berth maintenance of nuclear icebreaker fleet. Works were carried out by blasting the rock ledge with the creation of the bubble and the subsequent removal of the veil of the rock. Were reconstructed and reinforced quay walls, the works on the device caisson at a depth of 8 meters and concreting of the harbor wall, replaced at the dock of all engineering systems, life support moored ship.

NIKIMT-Atomstroy also implemented landscaping berth, put all the necessary equipment, has completed the installation and commissioning of special systems. Work was completed with a fixed price with no additional funding from the federal budget and the customer within the time prescribed by the contract. 

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