In Murmansk, has opened a new fish processing plant

May 3 at the Murmansk Sea Fishing Port was the opening of the Russian-Icelandic fish processing plants, LLC "Murmansk Apamea." Foreigners have invested in this business about 4 million euros. A lot of money, but the company hopes to impose very large.

— This is a significant event for our region. First, the company provides 35-40 jobs, which will be organized in the squares. Second, reviving fish processing, — Said the deputy governor of the Murmansk region Pavel Bogushevich. — Any event that is associated with the production, this is a breakthrough for the Murmansk region. Foreigners believe that the fishing industry in the Murmansk region will develop, and the mining companies will bring the fish here.

It will use the unique Icelandic company RAFTAKAN (the world's largest enterprise for the production of dried fish products). The plant is focused on the production of high quality fish products, including those for export. The planned capacity of the Company 300 tons of dried fish products per month (about 3 thousand tons per year). And, on what was once considered waste today will earn.


— In Africa will dry scalp, ridges and tails. It is also a part of the humanitarian mission — said the deputy governor.

By the way, Africans consume lots of fish heads in food, using them as an additive in a variety of soups. For human consumption fit the head of any fish, but the African people prefer it to cod.


In other words, it is about mutually beneficial cooperation: with the Icelanders — the money and technology to Murmansk — the raw material. Perhaps this will help the company to revive the fishing industry in our region, and Murmansk again regain its former glory fishing capital.

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