In Naberezhnye Chelny (Tatarstan) opened a new confectionery plant

In Naberezhnye Chelny, the grand opening of the new holding company of the Russian confectionery factory "Essen Production". The total cost of the project is 3.3 billion rubles. In the new confectionery company, whose shop housed in a former meat-packing plant, has invested 1.15 billion rubles.

The project is included in the list of priority investment projects in Tatarstan. The payback period laid down in the business plan, up 5.5 years. The factory employs two lines of sweets — 1300 kg / h and bars — 400 kg / h The full capacity is planned by the end of 2014.

Today in the confectionery factory created 200 jobs, and in 2014 their number will reach 1,000. In the next year and a half is scheduled to start production of 100 kinds of confectionery. The range will include various types of chocolates on the basis of waffles and pastries with fillings. 

Closed Joint Stock Company "Essen Production AG" was founded in September 2001 by the merger of existing since 1998 Baryshev PE and PP Makheev.

On today's "Essen Production AG" is a holding company, of which, except for enterprises producing foods include:
Entertainment and recreation center "Manhattan-Brooklyn."
Travel agency "Essen Touristik."
Charity fund.

The production complex "Essen Production AG" includes enterprises producing oil and fat products (mayonnaise, sauce), tomato products (ketchup, sauce), "sweet" products (butter, jam), spices (horseradish, mustard, etc.), products fast food (cereal, mashed potatoes), as well as corn sticks and seeds. The range of over 100 products, sold under the brand name "Maheev."

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