In Nagaybakskom district of Chelyabinsk region has opened three offices GP

Under the program of modernization of health care carried out repair works in Arsinskom, Balkan and Kassel obstetric units, on the basis of which the opening of the center of general practice.

First Balkan people, Kassel and Arsinskogo settlements were able to conduct a series of studies directly at the place of residence (electrocardiography, spirometry, pulse oximetry, blood biochemical tests, etc.).

In the offices of purchased machines "Field" for visits to the place of the emergency, accident and travel on fixed-term challenges to seriously ill patients in remote locations. For each of its officers attached to 1200 inhabitants, the radius of service — up to 20 km.

For capital repairs in the modernization program for 2011 to 2012. Nagaybaksky area planned for 25 million rubles., until they mastered from 34 percent. By September, in the plan to renovate and equip EOD in s.Parizh, paragraph Ostrolensky and p.Yuzhny.

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