In Naro-Fominsk district hosted a festival of good works

Last weekend was held in Moscow Festival of good works "", which brought together volunteers and representatives of foundations, musicians, journalists, and just good people. The festival was held a second time, and this year it has expanded to two stages, which were called "The Island" and "Acoustics". Scene "Acoustics" is located on the picturesque banks of the river Rud. It also worked numerous master classes and exhibitions, historical reconstruction clubs and a playground.

One of the goals of the festival "" was to raise funds for the restoration of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, which requires urgent repairs. Entrance to the festival was free, but everyone can leave feasible donation to rebuild the temple.

On the main stage were Olga Dzusova with his new team, Vyacheslav Fedorov, wonderful Dean Garipova, provocative group "Guerrilla FM», a small miracle Festival Cooking Kistyaeva.


The loaded word said from the stage Dr. Lisa, the head of Naro-Fominsk Alexander Baranov, and inspirer and organizer of the festival singer Olga Kormuhina.

Next on the scene, "The Island" came out bright Moscow team "saw! Know" led by the gorgeous redhead Lisa (Irina Lyasovskoy). Her immaculate white dress and sparkling songs about happiness, dancing and astronauts relished the music lovers of all ages. Then the music took the baton beautiful Helavisa, which delighted the fans a great Seth atmospheric Irish music. As always, it was memorable: a graceful singer, similar to the northern queen, subtle sounds of the Irish harp and songs that take listeners to the world of Celtic ballads.

And the Prime Minister held a joint song Helavis and Olga Kormuhinoy. A strong and genuine creation for Margaret Pushkin poems entitled "Sonnet" will soon appear on aytyunz. Funds from the sale will be credited to the account of orphans whose parents died in the night of 7 to 8 July.

After the Irish ballads air blew over the fields songs of "Gorky Park". Alexei Belov pleased gathered at the scene a set of selected strong rock. In the speech was complete unity with the public, and many of the songs the crowd sang the chorus.
— Music can do the same thing and prayer — depending on how much a person is willing to accept. I am glad that the festival powerful feminine. And this event is definitely helping people in life — spiritually and physically — said Alexei Belov told reporters.

Ivan Ohlobystin came to the festival by helicopter directly from the shooting. Most recently, he does not often appear at festivals, but for the sake of "" found in his busy schedule window in a couple of hours. Ohlobystin in the literal sense of the word came down from heaven, and immediately went to the scene. His monologue, as always, wearing a fiery and persuasive, and hushed crowd listened to his every word.
— Ivan, the journalists asked, "Why can not lure you anywhere, and you came here already in a helicopter?" — Laughing, asked a question Okhlobystin Olga Kormuhina.
— Because I believe you! — Briefly and said seriously Ivan.

After the performance, the stage rose Ohlobystina singer Olga Kormuhina. It is because of her energy, ability to inspire people and lead and a festival of "" Presentation by Olga Kormuhinoy, as always, was inspirational. Powerful sound, powerful vocals and most sincere way of communicating with people — this concert was for many a musical revelation. The best codes for the festival "" it would be difficult to come up with!

— The most important thing that I like at the festival this year, many came with their entire families with children. Children to see that we — one family, one people, that together we can do something good: to restore the temple to keep the beauty and purity of nature around you, to help those in need. This is a very important and necessary thing, especially now that so many empty words around. "The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few" — used to tell me my confessor. So here at the festival "" gathered just doers. The elder Eli told us one day: Russian soul destroying 70 years! And in order to restore it, you need more than one decade. And I am happy to participate in this process! And most of all I am glad that the restoration of the temple have been implicated not only the Orthodox people. And at our festival was a lot of people of different faiths and beliefs, but all in the same mind! And what a wonderful young people! And it's so healthy and strong! Needless born the name for the whole of this collection — Army Good! — Said Olga Kormuhina.

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