In Narovchatov (Penza region). Opened a business incubator

Business Incubator "Narovchatsky" by 107 jobs, the reconstruction of which was spent around 45 million rubles, opened on October 2 in the village of Narovchatov Penza region.

A business incubator is a former vocational school, which is about two years in the village stood idle. When the room began repair work, the locals curiously watched their progress: what will happen after the transformation?

Now Resettled building to meet modern requirements and standards: is the Internet, production facilities for work, office rooms, communication, modern furniture. In short, everything to work here innovators and entrepreneurs. 
According to the district authorities, the business incubator project designed on the principles of co-financing. In its implementation invested about 49 million rubles from the budgets of all levels. 
Business incubators created primarily to support entrepreneurs in the early stages of their work. Here they rent for a minimum provide premises, as well as provide consulting, accounting and legal services. In short, a platform for today's innovators in Narovchatov is waiting for the first residents.

Network of Business Incubators area already includes 36 items, 24 of which are included in the municipal system, 12 — in the regional network. In 2013, in the Penza region will open two new areas for support and development.

"The aggressive support of small and medium-sized businesses is to part of young people's education, returning to an area where there are facilities for creating any type of business, ranging from high-tech and finishing with food and clothing. Without small and medium-sized businesses, without its development has no future ", — quoted by the press office of the governor of the Penza region Vasily Bochkarev.

The first residents of the new business area presented their projects, including the development of the production of oil and products from industrial hemp cultivation of onion sets and garlic, selection and breeding gladioli, competing with the Dutch manufacturer.


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