In Nazarova (Krasnoyarsk Territory) have opened a new granary

In Nazarovo opened a new granary. It came through the introduction of new capacity of "Nazarovsky elevator."

From scratch to build a granary was not necessary. For these purposes, the vertical storage warehouse used for bulk cargo, which previously contained sand for construction purposes. Previously belonged to the construction company.

About 50 million rubles needed to buy and upgrade of existing space and containers. They were equipped with elevators, lifts, conveyor belts. In the near future setting thermometry and aspiration — equipment for temperature monitoring of grain in storage.

At the facility created 11 jobs.

For these purposes, the management of "Nazarovsky elevator" took credit for 8 years. Taking advantage of the regional investment program, the owner expects to return to 2 3 costs from the regional budget. According to experts, if you build such a facility from scratch would take several hundred million rubles.

Note shortage of grain storage facilities in the western parts of the group makes it advantageous construction of additional silos. By early next year, the owner plans to completely fill the volume of a grain elevator in the new 25,000 tons.

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