In Nelidovo construction of the first in the region of energy-efficient homes

In the city of Tver region Nelidovo began the construction of the first in the region of energy-efficient homes. Construction of the 48-apartment "smart home" is carried out in the framework of the regional targeted program to resettle people from emergency housing fund financed with state corporation, the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services.
According to the Housing Fund in the Ministry of fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services for the construction of energy efficient homes has been identified land area of 3,711 square meters on the street Tchaikovsky. To date, the construction site was built the foundation of the "smart home".

Brick enclosing design complements the home ventilated facades with repellent insulating slabs of stone wool. Provide effective thermal insulation of all enclosing surfaces — not only walls, but also the floor, ceiling, attic, basement and foundation.
In the doorways will be mounted special double vestibules, in addition, two doors in common areas will provide special door closers.

 Along with the installation of standard heating system is also planned to install solar collectors and heat (geothermal) pumps.
The house provides an effective forced-air ventilation systems with the installation of air recovery, automated accounting system (as in the whole house, and in a separate apartment).
The building will be fitted with PVC double glazing, fitted with restrictor. To illuminate the corridors and stairwells will apply energy-saving lighting fixtures with motion sensors.
All of these energy-efficient technologies will significantly reduce the costs of tenants for utilities due to significant savings of energy consumption.
According to the Ministry of fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services, in energy-efficient house in Nelidovo planned to move 95 people (41 families) living in six emergency houses.
We remind you that all the information on the construction of energy efficient homes as part of the Federal Law 185-FZ posted on one of the sites of the Fund The site also provides an interactive map of Russian energy efficient homes. And any visitor to the resource can find out at what stage of construction is energy-efficient house in his region and familiarize yourself with its specifications, as well as information already entered into service "smart" homes in different regions of the country.

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