In Nercinsk (Trans-Baikal Territory) open shlakoblochnogo production

The IR-1 FPS Russia Trans-Baikal Territory openly shlakoblochnogo production. In a market economy, management of correctional institutions looking for ways to supplement the budget at the expense of the development of new product lines. Under favorable conditions, opening new shops that require minimum cost for a profit to the budget of the institution. 

In the Penal Colony number 1, which is located in the old town of the Trans-Baikal Nercinsk, currently producing high quality lime, which is in demand among local organizations and the public. Expanding subsistence farming, operates department of individual orders. For example, only the first half of this year, the establishment of pork sold 4 million rubles. 
In addition, more recently, in the colony and began shlakoblochnogo mastered production. To date, made from sixty to one hundred bricks within one working day. Volumes are still small, but already prepared to start a line that will at times increase the production of cinder blocks — to four bricks per shift. The costs will be only for the purchase of cement and electricity costs. Colonia raw slag production is after the burning of coal in boiler furnaces. 
Also mounted two more lines with the same parameters that will soon be ready for launch. They will be able to provide release of about 1,000 bricks per shift. 
To date, this production employed the four convicts. The increase in production lines will create additional jobs.

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