In Nizhneudinsk (Irkutsk region) after reconstruction opened a kindergarten for 130 places

A new kindergarten for up to 130 seats, opened in Nizhneudinsk January 19. Now Nizhneudinskiy area in the queue for a place in the kindergarten are more than two thousand children, which is 300 fewer than at the end of last year. Reduction of waiting time was due to the introduction of the new pre-school institutions, as well as through the creation of additional groups, groups of short-term stay in the existing municipal kindergartens. In total, around 27 such institutions.

According to the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Timur Sagdeeva, this kindergarten — the first after the post-perestroika period preschool in Nizhneudinsk. In the next two years in the region should see more than two thousand new places in kindergartens. The plans of the development and approval of standard designs of modular buildings preschools.


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