In Nizhny Novgorod, began the development of a unique submarine reactor

Experimental Design Bureau of Machine OKBM name Africantov started the development project of a nuclear reactor for a new generation of Russian ice-breaker to be used for the development of the Arctic shelf. The official order for the production of the reactor is not yet done, however confident the company's management is simple: it is produced OKBM reactors for all Soviet and later Russian icebreakers. Icebreakers abroad (and, accordingly, reactors
them) are not produced or manufactured, that gives a distinct advantage in the development of Russian Arctic shelf.

According to the "RG" the first deputy director Vitaly OKBM name Africantov Petrunin, at the end of 2009, the company defended the technical design of the reactor "Rhythm-200" for dvuhosadochnogo icebreaker, which will be used during the development of the Arctic shelf. The peculiarity of this icebreaker is that he will be able to conduct convoy of ships in the ocean, and at the mouth of the river. Typing in water ballast tanks, it thus increases the draft up to 11 meters, it is necessary to operate in the Arctic Ocean, where the ice thickness reaches three meters.
Pumping water, reduces sediment icebreaker to 9 meters and can go into the mouth of the Siberian rivers, where ice thickness is less than three meters. According to the federal program for the development of the Arctic shelf ice-breaker construction scheduled to be completed by 2016. Leaders OKBM expects to receive an order for the production of reactor no later than 2012, since the construction of the reactor takes about two and a half years. In addition, OKBM started the technical development of the power plant for a new generation of nuclear power stations, the BN-1200.

Capacity of the new power plant higher than all existing reactors and will increase the efficiency of uranium of 60. By 2019 it is planned to complete the construction of the first head-set, and in 2022 will begin its active use in nuclear power plants.

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