In Nizhny Novgorod region are building a new plant for the production of polyvinyl chloride

Construction Customer: LLC "RusVinyl"? Russian-Belgian joint venture for the construction of a complex for the production of polyvinyl chloride in Kstovsky region Nizhny Novgorod region. The founders of the joint venture company are "SIBUR"? Russia's largest petrochemical holding company and Belgian «SolVin»? a leading manufacturer of PVC in Europe. Entering the complex is planned for 2013.

Now the building site in Kstovo involved more than two hundred experts SMU-12 NGO "Mostovik" and 15 representatives of the subsidiary "Mostovik BEL." PVC plant will be built in accordance with the latest technology and with the increasing demands of safety.  


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) — modern synthetic polymer related to the number of base polymers. PVC — the most common plastic used for various purposes in the light, food and electrical industry, shipbuilding and heavy engineering industry, in the manufacture of building materials, as well as in agriculture and medicine. Today there are more than 3,000 types of products and materials made from this polymer.

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