In Nizhny Tagil robotics lab opens


November 26, 2011. Robotics Laboratory, designed for training young Uralians 5000, opened at the Palace of technical creativity in Nizhny Tagil. Lab created within the system of additional technical education in the Urals. The first such center was modern robotics center, opened in Yekaterinburg in May this year. In total, the region will be created eleven areas of robotics — two in Yekaterinburg, in Irbite, Nizhny Tagil, Novoural'sk, Tavda, Syrset, Artyah, town Malyshev, New Lala and Closed "Free". They will be equipped with modern equipment and robotics kits for the three age groups of children.

At each site robotodroma supplied equipment for the three age groups of children program robotics, computer classes with appropriate educational furniture and software systems of machinery equipment for producing 2D and 3D objects. For Nizhny Tagil at the expense of the regional budget purchased robotics kit and equipment 4,000,000 rubles

"Special Series robotokonstruktorov help collect and program robotic devices and simulate any technological and manufacturing processes. Motors and pneumatics, various sensors and connectors, controlled and programmable transformers allow to collect automated devices and robots "- explained the director of the Palace of the Tagil technical creativity Oksana Mihnevich.

This modern equipment will give the opportunity to create at each site is not only the new children's groups innovation and technical creativity, but, just as importantly, will allow to develop a new innovation based on existing circles by air, ship, raketomodelirovaniyu.

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