In Novorossiysk inspector Tax Service was trying to get a bribe of half a million rubles

September 20 was a criminal case against the chief inspector of the state tax field audits by the IRS Russian Novorossiysk. She is suspected of attempting to bribe a large scale. 

According to the investigation, in January, the tax inspector during the inspection activities of "Operation Utilities" found that from October 2009 to November 2011 is often alternating with enterprise managers have not paid tax on the amount of 5 million rubles

"In this case, the inspector suggested that existing at the time the director and the accountant of the company to give her a bribe of 500,000 rubles for it, it will reduce the final inspection report unpaid tax of up to 3 million rubles", — The press service of the Investigation Department of the Krasnodar Territory. 

Head of the company agreed to it, and then in February of the tax inspector has made the act with the total of the unpaid tax at the rate of 3 million rubles

"In April, the head inspector called" Operation Utilities "and demanded to pass it before the agreed sum of money, given that it has fulfilled its obligations. Thereafter, the company's director gave her 150 thousand rubles, saying that the rest of the money will give later" — Continue in the regional management of the TFR. 

But the head of the enterprise and did not give the rest of the bribe, and the inspector has often call them, demanding money. As a result, the company's director made a statement to the police, and voluntarily reported previously sent a bribe, and the requirement to transfer bribes now. 

September 13th Senior tax inspector gave 155,000 rubles and dummy by 195 thousand, then a female inspector was arrested operatives arrived. 

Now consider the question of election concerning suspected measure. Under investigation.

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