In Novosibirsk, has increased by 10,000 trees


Thanks to the campaign "Plant Your Tree" in the spring and autumn of 2012, the city has planted more than 10,000 trees, including 439 — of large size.

First Deputy Mayor Andrew Ksenzov noted that this year the activity of citizens to participate in the action was much higher than in the previous year. As a result, in the parks, schools and various institutions and enterprises, new trees. "The principle that is laid in the title of the action, is important for all citizens. Dropping off your tree, we improve the environmental situation and create more green spaces for recreation ", — said Andrey Ksenzov.

Today in the stage of completion of the autumn stock first deputy mayor, heads the department of transport and road resurfacing complex, the Main Control and landscaping of City Hall and Central District Administration planted in the park "City beginning" on the waterfront Obi avenue of lime trees. For planting trees used new technology that allows you to keep the root system, thus providing almost one hundred percent survival rate of seedlings.

The leader in the number of landings in 2012 was Leninsky district: here were planted more than 1,800 young trees. Second place went to October area (about 1400 trees), the third — the Soviet and Kalinin regions (more than 1100 trees).

Organizers of the rally — Department of Transportation and road resurfacing city hall complex and ISU "Gorzelenhoz." It is held in Novosibirsk on behalf of Mayor Vladimir Gorodetsky for the fifth year. The purpose of the action — Novosibirsk urge to be active in greening the city, as well as joint efforts to make its streets, yards, more comfortable and more beautiful.

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