In Novosibirsk, has opened a new kindergarten for 300 places

Today on the First District of Novosibirsk opened a new kindergarten for 300 places.

Preschool generally developing form number 44, located in the new remote district of the city, "Birch", built in a short period of time (from May to December 2012) as part of the departmental target program "Ensuring access to early childhood services in the city of Novosibirsk" for 2011-2015. The building is designed for 15 groups (3 — for children aged two to three years, 12 — at the age of three to seven).

Total area of a three-storey building with a basement — 5644.5 m. m At the project aims 163,361,000 rubles, of which for construction and installation work — 150,671,000 rubles (69,521,000 rubles — from the city's budget, 81,150,000 rubles — from the regional budget) to equip it with furniture, equipment and soft- inventory — 10,360,000 rubles (from the city budget) for the organization of the educational process — 2,330,000 rubles (the federal budget).

In kindergarten equipped music and sports halls, conservatory, two art studios, dance and classes, exhibition hall, swimming pool, offices psychologist and a speech therapist, sensory room, modern food processing and medical units, laundry.

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