In Novosibirsk, the Mercedes fell into a hole in the asphalt

In Zaeltsovsky District June 21 under the car Mercedes, which was parked in the yard, failed asphalt, says "NGS.NOVOSTI."

According to the owner of the car Dmitry Chekunova at 13:30 he came out of the house at Line, 37/1, and saw that the front wheels of his car went under the asphalt. To get the car, called the tow truck owner, as the place was invited to the insurance company.

In Novosibirsk, the "Mercedes" fell into a hole in the asphalt

Car has a few scratches and it was a little past the bumper, damage to the host is not appreciated. To compensate call a tow truck (insurance company regarded the case as a force majeure and refused to make payment on the insurance policy) Dmitry Chekunov applied to the housing department, where he was sent to "Gorvodokanal" who promised seal the hole.

As Dmitry Chekunov now pay compensation to him no one is going, will it go to court, can not say yet. "Last night, drove up to the house, sand pit dug, and all day there climb, they say — everything is rotten," — said the owner of the failed machine.

In "Gorvodokanale" refuted by the fact of receipt of the application in this case.

Photo by Dmitry Chekunova

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