In Russia, you can not deny the foreigners who want to buy baby

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I was here the other day invited to a program "live" on TV channel Russia — to participate in a discussion about the recent death of a Russian child in the hands of the new American parents. Always on the programs are too many people, and everyone is too little time. Everyone gets to 10 words — but they said you can not always the case: as we all know, the TV in our modern world, oriented to the scandal, not the effective discussions.

Around the end of the program, I really wanted to capture a moment to ask the question, for me, is extremely important, the person in charge, that the child had been exported from Russia — a large orphanage boss.

Unfortunately, when a person speaks in Russian as I have — it is sometimes hard to wedge into great conversations. Therefore, the time is up and I managed this orphanage boss to ask the question only after the broadcast in the corridor behind the stage.

I asked her: "Do you have the right to deny people, if you think that with them is something wrong?".
Orphanage official's response shocked me. She said that she was not the smallest boss, but can refuse a foreigner only because of an error in the documents. She confirmed that if foreigners make out documents correctly, then they can not refuse. Since they have a right to any Russian child priori.

In terms of human meaning: law and practice of the present Russian state — still officially professed ideology of Foreign as the highest in relation to Russia instance, as in the beginning of the 1990s.

Now, I hope you understand why the main hot topic in Russian history, now is the sovereignty. Sovereign state would tolerate such. And do not forget that the recent ban on adoptions by Americans — it only prohibits Americans. Sheikh Ali Gator some of some unknown country can still "buy" himself a Russian child, if you know how the paperwork correctly.

Tim Kirby

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