In some areas of the U.S. air temperature reached 55 degrees

In some areas of the U.S. air temperature reached 55 degrees

MOSCOW, July 20 — RIA Novosti.The victims of the heat wave in the U.S. have become, at least 13 people, the newspaper Herald Sun, with reference to local authorities.

In some areas of the country the temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius. This temperature is usually the norm only in Death Valley in California — the hottest place in the United States.

The record level of heat is marked this year in Iowa, Michigan, and even sunny Florida.

National Weather U.S. has warned Americans about the dangers of record heat, established in the central, southern and eastern parts of the country.

"Due to the long period (set) high temperature and high humidity conditions are at increased risk of diseases associated with the heat. If you must work outdoors, take a lot of breaks. Drink plenty of fluids and constantly monitor your health and the health of those is near, "- said in a warning issued on Wednesday at a weather site.

Warnings about the heat for the central part of the United States will be in effect until Friday morning.

In many places the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius), but it feels like 100-110 degrees (37-43 degrees Celsius) because of the high humidity, "- said the weather service.

Currently heat wave moves east — in the U.S. capital now 34 degrees Celsius, and Friday-Saturday, meteorologists predict 38 degrees in the shade, in combination with high humidity.

Many states in public places — libraries, schools, and so on — a special room, where passers-by can get some rest from the terrible heat and drink.

Heat in America, for which different weather events — are not uncommon, is the main natural "killer."

According to the newspaper, in the U.S. each year because of the heat in average kills more than 160 people. At the same time, victims of hurricanes each year in about 115 people, floods — more than 65 people, and a tornado — about 60 people.

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