In the center of Moscow is AUVD upgrading radar flight safety

In the Moscow center AUVD completed another stage of a large-scale modernization of the electronic support and aeronautical telecommunications at peripheral sites.

As a result of this work surveillance radar "cliff" located within 700 km from Moscow, received a dual purpose. The equipment provides a reliable air traffic control primary radar field extending up to thousands of kilometers, and can use the information radar positions of civil aviation in the interests of the Ministry of Defence.

Also upgraded radar positions to replace the secondary radars "Square-AS" for standalone dual-band monopulse secondary radars (MSSR-ICS), which provide high precision positioning of the aircraft, the opportunity to receive additional information about the aircraft (BC) Sun Room, height , the remaining fuel.

Currently, the operation is eight MSSR-SVK, including three five-route and aerodrome MSSR, providing around the clock coverage of the secondary radar information to air traffic control center.

In addition to updating the traditional means of radar, also worked to improve the effectiveness of monitoring the traffic situation. For example, used the latest technology to ensure no request from the ground receiving information from Sun regarding the location, number of aircraft, altitude, fuel remaining, course, speed, intention to maneuver aircraft. Such possibilities is the use of automatic dependent surveillance (ADS-B). Thanks to her, every moment was possible to obtain a complete 3D information about the position and velocity of the sun, that is, to achieve high accuracy positioning Sun For comparison, the equipment without the ADS-B system updates the information every five seconds, or a modernization of the air traffic controller gives additional time — precious seconds to make timely decisions.

Russia's first MSSR with Advanced Surveillance-ADS-B 1090 ES "Aurora" was commissioned in 2011 by the radar position "Ryazhsk" "in the Ryazan region. In 2012, the MSSR radar equipment retrofitted CRS-ADS-B radar site in the Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh and Smolensk regions. Until April 2013 it is planned to introduce new equipment in Orel, Moscow and Tver regions.

The modernization program is part of the Government and the Ministry of Transport with the direct participation of JSC Concern "Almaz Antey" and its divisions — JSC "NPO" LEMZ "and ZAO" VNIIRA-ATS. "

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