In the Kuban under the collapsed roof of the hurricane year-old boy was killed

Korenovsk district hospital was left without a roof.

Mother of the child is in the hospital with a head injury, and almost did not remember anything about the tragedy.
After taking two year old son out of kindergarten, his mother, 27-year-old Olga Ushakov of Primorsko-Akhtarsk, first took him home, fed, dressed warmly — the wind in the street was seriously broke, and went on a visit to Qom. Family did just a few steps when the top is something drastically grate. The woman looked up and saw them rushing torn from old buildings gable (triangular front part of the roof). Olga did not even have time to shout ….

— The boy died on the way to the hospital, and his mother was in the hospital with multiple injuries and traumatic brain injury — say in the press service of the city police department. — She does not remember anything. Work with her doctors.

— What a terrible grief, it will kill Olga and her husband — a familiar voice cry pair. — They are five years could not have a baby. And when, finally, there was a kid, with his eyes not to go down, not breathing on it! As they recover from this — I can not imagine!

Meanwhile, investigators believe it was an accident, and the death of the child, most likely, no one will be punished. House, from which part of the roof blew off, decrepit. The hosts started obkladyvat his new brick, but due to bad weather halted work.

Squally winds of up to 30 meters per second, literally tore the wall of the building — it came down to five feet from the fence, and its fragments, including gable, crumbled beyond it — just at a time when there were Olga and son.

Storm felled trees …

— Trail on Yeisk now become a obstacle course — call the editor of the resort city resident Alexander. — Here and there a huge tree branches were falling one after the other on the roof of the car. Gray, dark clouds, wind, such that car off the road literally blows. Went and prayed to God that nothing bad will happen.

— Our staff went to the places where fallen trees, — says deputy head of the Civil Protection Administration of Krasnodar Constantine
White. — On street. Thieves' on the sidewalk collapsed old poplar, the airfield and the installer tree collapsed on the roadway. Our guys have to cut and removed. For the same reason, had to go and Bryansk. And at Taman windbreak almost damaged pipeline.

…and tore roofs off houses

Most elements Korenovsk mischief. The local district hospital was left without a roof.

About two hours there was a terrible grinding noise and a huge metal structure went down — sigh eyewitnesses. — Everything went like a thriller. Hurricane gust was so strong that the roof has developed easy as match house. By some miracle, in the midst of the day no one was hurt. Even a single window on the beat!
— This is a tragedy for us, — says the head physician of the local CRH Nicholas Vakhrushev. — No loss of life, but the damage is significant. After all, a new roof in the therapeutic department did just a year ago. Spent six million rubles from the budget.

Before roofing department was soft, and each year it had to patch. It is worn over the season of snow and rain, the fifth floor is constantly flooded. That's the power and allocated a lot of money to make it a gable of the metal profile.
Does the blame for emergency nature or substandard work builders will understand prosecutors. Already, the damage estimates boundary commission. And the governor of the region ensured that korenovtsy alone with the disaster will not go.

Where to call if there was emergency

01 — single phone rescue

010 — from mobile phones

8 (861) 268-64-40 — helpline EMERCOM Russia in Krasnodar Region

HOW same age?

In March Kuban should not wait for spring

It seems that winter is laughing in the face of the spring, having started the war. Seasons staged a very real skirmish and the cold season is clearly a strong trump cards: snow, storms, frosts.

Despite the fact that the effigy of Maslenitsa the good old tradition of people deliberately burnt, cold does not even think to give up.

Coats, hats and gloves to hide away rather early one.

Forecasters are not encouraging — spring will come not by the calendar, but the norm.

— This afternoon, the air warms up to plus three — said chief meteorologist edge Yuri Tkachenko. — At night, will be a light frost. The region rains, and the northern part of the snow cover everything. And all this at low temperatures.

On Saturday and Sunday the precipitation stops. And on March 14 the temperature will rise to around 6, 8. The entire first month of spring weather will be reeling from the changes in temperature — that little minus, a small plus.

Only in the third week of March, we will feel the warm breath of spring. 10, +15 please all fans of outdoor activities. But especially not relax. Expected in April imposing freezing — minus five to seven degrees.

Julia Oleinik

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