In the Moscow region opened a new production processing algae

At the Institute of Protein Research, located in Pushchino (Moscow Region), the opening lines for processing of marine plants for preventive nutrition, said the administration of the Moscow Region.

The organizer of the project — Deputy Director of Information Security Sciences Vyacheslav Owl spoke about the stages of production, and the specifics of the product obtained. It was about the brown algae, and more specifically — Bladder. According to him, in Fucus fucoidan is a polysaccharide polymer that is composed of fructose and some elements of other carbohydrates. This — unique polysaccharide that over the last 20 years has been actively examined for biological activity. It has biological activity — may inhibit viruses, may be an antiseptic, an immunostimulant, dilutes the blood, and so on


Fucoidan found in other algae, but if his usual kelp 1.5%, in the Bladder — from 13% to 20%. It should, of course, mention it in the presence of micro-and macronutrients, and most importantly — iodine. In its natural form kelp can not be used in food — dry seaweed like wood, to tell the creators of the product. No chemicals, just shattered and frayed solid structure in a special apparatus, the developers were able to go further on the path to a unique diet. The developers have found a way and with low taste of the drug — they started adding dried apricots, prunes, lemon zest, juice of berries.

In fact, this is the second production line. The first set of ordered privately owned company that has been the testing technology for the production of goods with a certain segment of the market.

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