In the Murmansk region has increased by 30 times the amount of growth of marketable fish

March 20th chairman of the fishing industry of the Murmansk region, Oleg Zabolotski met Territorial Fisheries Council. It summed up the industry in 2012, as well as an assessment of the outgoing moyvennoy fishing season.

As an important social outcomes of the industry marked increase in the average wage of workers, as well as the growth of the regional budget revenues from fishing and fish farming enterprises.

Special attention was paid to the members of the Board of aquaculture development and the prospects of this type of fishing activity in the Murmansk region. Major investment projects in aquaculture and measures of government support have greatly increased performance in terms of commercial cultivation of aquatic organisms and implementation of farmed fish. Volume growth of commercial fish in the Murmansk region in the last 5 years has increased more than 30-fold, 16-fold increased sales of finished products of aquaculture.  Rybhozsovetom was marked by positive developments in the economic and social efficiency of the region's fishing industry that have taken place in the past year. It is gaining momentum and the process of updating the basic capacities, both in fisheries and in fish processing, as well as the growth of products shipped in value. According to this indicator, the region ranks first among the regions of Russia, ahead on the economic efficiency of economic activities leading to coastal fishery regions of the Far East.

In this case, due to lower exports of raw fish was an increase in the volume of deliveries to foreign markets such fish products with high added value, as fish fillets.

Shipped goods production, and works and services on their own by economic activity "Fishing, fish farming" (without VAT, excise duties and similar payments, at current prices), bln rubles. (According to Rosstat provided for monitoring the socio-economic development of the regions of the Russian Federation in 2012).

In the past year, thanks to the regional budget provided for in the amounts of subsidies for co-financing, as well as through the effective interaction with the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia managed to raise additional funds in the region of state of the federal budget in the amount of 40 million rubles from 112 million rubles allocated for these purpose in the budget of the Russian Federation. As a result, the amount of subsidies for the development of aquaculture Murmansk region grew by almost 4 times.

Given the need for an integrated approach to the development of aquaculture in the region, rybhozsovetom decided to hold a special meeting on fisheries issues, its cost effectiveness and objectives for the future.

Oleg Zabolotski expressed confidence that the positive results of the industry will allow businesses to attract the necessary investment to effectively address the challenges ahead for the development of human resources, scientific and industrial potential of fishery industry.

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