In the New Urengoe opened only on the Yamal Department of Neurosurgery

In Novy central city hospital was opened only on the Yamal Department of Neurosurgery. Accommodation capacity — 20 beds, 12 people work here. From the beginning, we operated 45 patients with various diseases and injuries. People come to neurosurgeons with intervertebral hernia, tumors of the brain and spinal cord, and hydrocephalus in children and neonates with stroke, cancer, etc.

Injured in road traffic accidents in the workplace and at home they bring with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries different. Spend Novourengoyskay hospital doctors and field operations, drive to operate in Pangody, Muravlenko Gubkinskii and other cities in the county. Note office, thanks to the support of the city authorities, equipped with modern equipment, allowing to carry out complex, requiring doctors of the highest skill operations, — the information-analytical department of the administration of the New Urengoja.

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