In the Novgorod region began construction of a plant for the cultivation of breeding cattle

The purpose of the project, an investor who was the company of St. Petersburg — LLC "Passat", — organization of breeding and commercial production of specialized beef cattle breeds Limousin with a total average annual livestock around 10 thousand heads, allowing the project after the release of its full capacity to receive about 1.5 million tons of meat in live weight and 1.8 million heads of breeding heifers for sale each year.

The designed capacity is planned for 2020. Total investment in the project will amount to 1 billion rubles.

In August 2012 we plan to bring 200 head of Limousin cattle breed from the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region in 2013 — 1000 goals. The total number of cows to be increased to 5,000 head.

Novgorod region — one of the leaders in terms of growth in meat production regions of Russia. Good results achieved mainly through projects in pig and poultry production. Today is promising and the production of red meat.

Now this area is being developed in the Novgorod region. Thus, in the near Staraya Russa already implemented the project "Astrilovo" where grown Aberdeen Angus cattle, there will soon be out on the performance 10,000 head per year.

Now Chudovsky area, with the arrival of investors from St. Petersburg, the project starts producing beef cattle breed limousine. This will not only increase the production of red meat in the area, but will also promote active development of agricultural land: for the project will require at least 20,000 hectares. And, most importantly, the project will create new jobs in the agricultural sector.

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