In the Novgorod region began construction of the greenhouse complex

In the Novgorod metro area near the village of Forest ceremony of laying the first stone for the construction of the greenhouse complex. The investment project by LLC "Novgorod greenhouses."


In the greenhouse complex with total area of 24.71 hectares, is expected to produce year-round vegetables and herbs. Total annual production greenhouse is about 17,007 tons of production: cucumbers (72% of total production), tomatoes (18% of total production), lettuce (10% of total production).

The estimated cost of the project amounts to about 3 billion rubles, including 2.3 billion rubles — credit. Payback period — 60 months.
Implementation of the project will include a phased commissioning of the greenhouse complex: from 2012 to 2015 — 6.17 hectares annually.

Thanks to the implementation of the project in 2015 in the area will create 350 high-paying jobs.

The production of vegetables and herbs to be carried out by the method of small-volume hydroponics on mineral wool substrate Dutch production using drip irrigation, fertilizing carbon dioxide svetokultury, shading systems, climate control and other modern and efficient technologies greenhouse vegetables.

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