In the Novosibirsk region opened the third and fourth stage of the new breeding complex

December 2, 2011 in a. Penkovo (Novosibirsk region., Maslyaninsky district) opened the third and fourth stage of the new breeding complex. The Group commissioned: Two barn for 454 head each completed part of the silo at 32,000 tons.

Construction began breeding complex in the II quarter of 2008. The first phase was opened in November 2009. Now the complex has 4 barn, maternity ward at 120 skotomest, a dairy unit milking parlor "Carousel" 36 skotomest capacity of 200 head per hour, cooling equipment by 45 tons (produced by GEA Farm Technologies, Germany). As soon launch a small parlor.

In the IV quarter of 2012 are planning to finish: — 4 calf house — a trench silo — vetsanpropusknik — for feedlot calves on 1500 Goals — warehouse for animal feed

The complex is in a. Penkovo built in accordance with the world's livestock technologies: loose housing of livestock in barns "Wolf System" with group and individual boxes, the contents of the calves in the open air in the individual houses, the electronic management of the herd, normalized and balanced feed rations. On the complex contains a breeding Simmental cattle and Holstein-Friesian breeds were imported from Austria, Germany and Hungary.

This year, the new barns have brought 673 head of breeding cattle imported Holstein-Friesian breed from the Netherlands, Slovakia and Hungary. The total investment will amount to 731.8 million rubles. This is my own and borrowed funds. Of these borrowings: Agricultural Bank — 260.3 million rubles, Sberbank of Russia — 59, 8 million rubles, ICD — 74.8 million rubles. Payback complex — 8 years Launch Complex for the storage and processing of feed grains (Canada), the design capacity of 36,000 tons. The complex includes the entire grain chain management — receiving, cleaning, drying, storage and processing of grain. To date, commissioned five bins for 1,500 tons each and 3 bin at 1,000 tons. The total capacity of the complex is 10 500 tons. Launched two dryers with buffer silos (capacity up to 100 tons / hour each). The plans to build 16 more beans on 1,500 tons each, and increase the amount of 3 bins to 1,500 tons each. The total design capacity of the complex — 36 000 tonnes. The total investment will amount — 280 million rubles LLC "Siberian Niva" was founded in 2006. Farming is involved in agriculture, seed production and dairy farming. Crop area of agricultural land — 37,730 hectares

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