In the Novosibirsk region were upgraded two major electrical substation

In the Novosibirsk region suffered the largest power substation modernization "Dawn" voltage of 500 kV. Mostly, the modernization was to install a thyristor compensator, which allows to adjust the tension but, in addition, changes have affected the power system needs of its own substation.

Obsolete transformers were replaced with new ones and also installed a cell module-65 35 kV. The cells were delivered by request of FGC "EES" Group of Companies "Electroshield." Substation "Dawn" provides electricity to several districts of Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk region.

In the same region was upgraded substation "Iskitimsky" feeding network of Iskitim. At the "Electrical panel" for this object was made 54 spaces SESHCH SESHCH-63 and M-61. Customer equipment is the Open Society "Novosibirskenergo."

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