In the Perm edge appease mermaids

In a village in the north Kochevo Perm region was the procession, and behind him another run — ritual, rooted in pagan past — restored local amateur bands. On this day, people walked to the river. According to legend, there lived a mermaid, which often take her to her residents.

Vera Melekhina, head of the folk group, said: "We have every summer almost drowned in the river people, man."

As a gift to the residents of the river bring effigy of the used bath broom, so the smell was human. The doll in the water lowers necessarily a man, and he asks for salvation: "Take this doll as a gift, her family and friends there!"

Local resident Vavilin Alexander adds: "That doll is not one to cry, and like us, do not take with you. Lower the dummy into the water, and then kolduesh. " Together with the scarecrow in the water and throw crust of bread to the fish was enough.

This ceremony was kept in the strictest confidence at all times, 550 years of Orthodoxy, and then 70 years of communism. Church denies paganism, takes only a part of the history and folklore of the locals.
Archpriest George, rector of St. Nicholas, said that the local people are still stuck with pagan rituals. "We have a lot of work to conduct, admonish our Orthodox Christians."

First restored rite offer gifts inhabitants water residents conducted last year. As they say, the magic of this action is triggered, a year no one drowned. Therefore hope that this year's disaster will not happen, and the mysterious power of the ancient rite of help.

And in the UK on the channel Animal Planet, meanwhile released a new documentary film that seriously consider the theory of the "water monkeys".

-This is a rather radical theory. — Said the head of the channel, Charles Foley, in an interview Fox News,-it suggests that one of the branches of primates may develop in an aqueous medium, and it came from her people.

That this may be the source of many tales and stories about mermaids. According to the theory, primates lived near the sea, and often were in the water, which over the years has brought its conformist changes. They have lost hair, they have learned to hold air. Later this branch became extinct, but traces of it are still visible.

Of all land animals, only a person can hold their breath for the longest time, only he among all primates, a well-developed body fat and lack of hair on the body (which is natural for marine mammals).

Neanderthal stone tools aged more than 100,000 years old have been found on the Greek mainland and the numerous Greek islands, they had already been traveling by boat on the sea and lived near water.


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