In the Russian Emergencies Ministry will introduce innovations Bauman. NE Bauman

February 25, 2013 the delegation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, headed by Minister Vladimir Puchkov visited Bauman. NE Bauman. The result of the meeting of the working head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry and the rector of Bauman. Bauman Anatoly Alexandrov was an agreement on cooperation in several areas, including in the field of research centers Bauman research for the Ministry.

Russian Emergency Situations Minister visited the research and education centers "Nanotechnology, Nano — and Microsystems", "Ion-plasma technology" and "Photonics and infrared technology," where he was able to learn the material and equipment, developed by scientists of the Bauman, and long-term projects in the field of optics, composite materials, and nanotechnics plasma.

In the scientific and educational center "Nanotechnology, Nano — and Microsystems" Vladimir Puchkov acquainted with the unique device Probe-diagnostic system, by which studies the relationship of physical and mechanical properties and microstructure properties of composite materials.

The Minister has been demonstrated laboratory "clean room" training Engineering Center of nanotechnology, nano-and microsystems technology, which are trained and conduct research in nanotechnology undergraduate and graduate students of the university. When you visit a research and educational center in the field of nanotechnology Minister has put his subordinates to work out the problem of the establishment of joint laboratories at seismic stations to measure the vibrations of the earth's crust in Sakhalin and Kamchatka.

The Center "Photonics and infrared technology" The Minister presented the prospects of using spectroscopy in the pharmaceutical, life safety systems, materials science and condensed matter physics. In particular, it has been demonstrated Minister Laboratory measurements of the spectral and spectral analysis of the instruments themselves, ready for installation on the aircraft for filming of the earth. In the laboratory, Fiber Optics Center conducted the development of the system, which in the future will increase the accuracy of the positioning system "GLONASS".

In addition, the Minister presented ionoplazmennaya laboratory, which opened in April of this year, and the complex, carrying out section at the molecular level, which will be useful in the fire test laboratories Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

A lot of scientific research has demonstrated high practical significance for improving the efficiency of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. "Russian Emergencies Ministry decides application tasks, and Bauman will help us to realize them". At the end of the working meeting Vladimir A. set the task to adopt the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations and the development of advanced technologies Bauman. NE Bauman.

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