Indian tanks advanced tests will begin in May

Tests improved Indian main battle tank Arjun Mk.II will begin May 10, 2012, report Indian Military blog Livefist. Checking the latest combat vehicles will take place at Pokhran firing range in Rajasthan. These tests will be carried out by spices of defense research and development (DRDO) Of India and check Arjun Mk.II with the role of the Army will begin in June of this year.

Command of the Indian Army's situated an order to supply 124 Arjun tanks advanced in July 2011. Immediately, the military ordered and the same number of the first version of Arjun tanks. As the Livefist, the final decision on the purchase of 124 advanced tanks will be accepted after the test. If Arjun Mk.II not want war, they may turn away from the previously placed order.

In February 2011, DRDO announced that it has ended the work on the creation of Arjun Mk.II. With all of this was reported that the preliminary tests have already taken place at the site Pokhran. As expected, most development Arjun Mk.II end in 2014. In the same year it is planned to take tank into service and start its mass creation.

Arjun Mk.II will be different from the basic version capable of firing anti-tank missiles through the barrel of the gun. In addition, tank get active and reactive armor, guidance and supervision, the latest communications equipment and night vision systems. According to the DRDO, new version of Arjun will be 90 per cent consist of a component of the Indian development, for Arjun Mk.I, the figure is only 58 percent.

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