Indias missile tests have failed again NAG

The long-awaited anti-tank missile Nag development DRDO suffered another disaster on the tests.

In tests conducted at the site Mahajan in Rajasthan in the presence of the higher ranks of the army and control DRDO, missiles were launched from the modified carrier ATGM Namica (BMP-2), said the sources. Of the four Nag missiles, only one was able to hit the target, while others failed to do so because of a failure in the onboard equipment rocket uttered them.

The higher ranks of the army were not ecstatic about the test and asked the agency to better prepare for the future, they uttered. Rocket developed in an all-embracing programs from the development of guided missiles, launched in 1980 and is expected to create the rocket will take another couple of years before being adopted into service.

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