Indigo Children


Recently, we have heard much about the so-called Indigo children. The first person to notice that their child is something wrong, were the parents. Then he raised the alarm and teachers as to cope with a student who knows more than the teacher, it was difficult.

On this developing before our eyes, the phenomenon began to write, talk, discuss, and, finally, to study. But no one other than the esoteric could not find a logical explanation for it. A esoteric, announced that the coming new — sixth — a race of mankind, which will ripen in our race — the fifth, and it gradually replaced. And that this process is "already gone." Unusual children called "children of the new millennium", "Children of Light", "especially gifted", "Teflon" (because to them "do not stick" common patterns of behavior). But in the end, defeated the term "Indigo Children".

This phenomenon began to be seen in the different countries. Some believe in it, others dismiss, saying that children are children — they are all different. But the fact remains — the Indigo children are born, with increasing progression. First talked about every tenth, then about 70 out of 100, now it is about 90% of all newborns.

"This donation falls about one in a thousand, is developing in the right as one in a million, but really genius is one in ten million. But now the order of numbers has changed significantly. A huge number of children with an unusual level of intelligence. "Russian geneticist Vladimir Efroimson

Research has been found that even children Iris Indigo eyes differs from normal — it has a star shape. Both hemispheres of the brain in the same way and they work three times harder than normal children, and the frequency of electromagnetic waves emanating from the body of the Indigo children, up to 11,350,000 Hz, which is also 3 times higher than normal. In the esoteric concept of "high vibration" identical to the concept, "enlightenment", the connection to the "outer bank of knowledge." It's different, incomparably higher level of consciousness, that is exactly what the aim to achieve long-term debilitating exercises, yoga, asceticism and self-limitations.

Indigo children with incredible supernatural, and sometimes shocking abilities can become more and more — at first hundreds, and now the bill goes to the hundreds of thousands. Genetics indicate that DNA Indigo children running up to 32 codons or more! And it means that is the birth of a new race of people with unprecedented properties of the immune system and the structure of DNA.

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