Ingliizm, Paganism, Native Gods and Spirits

Star Ingle."Ingliizm" runes: Rune "Ingle" rune "The truth," Rune "Earth", and the rune "Peace", ie Ingle — this is true of the earthly world. So when we ask, "What is your belief — true?" We say, "No". — "Like — not?" — "We just — the original." Ie that which was from the beginning. And it is there where the truth? Truth is she is not on the Earth, it is there — from the gods in heaven. Therefore, we can only be the original, that was the beginning. And then, if someone argued — true, not true — even if a dispute if they have nothing else to do. And we have a primordial faith of our ancestors.

Ingliizm — Ancient Faith Slavic and Aryan peoples. We discussed that our ancient faith, our faith — Old. But who to believe? Yes, those who are older. And over our Faith on Earth was not any. So she — Primal Old. But it is ignorant people call Faith — Paganism, using the wrong etymology.

LANGUAGE — means people. In the dictionary "of the Russian Language" Vladimir Ivanovich Dal word "language" has 10 values. "Language" — are "the people." A "no language, incomprehensible" — ie YAZYKNIK Gentile, ie foreign language, incomprehensible. Therefore, the word pagan means, figurative, concept — other cultures, other religions, other people. Language — is the people. A yazyKnik — is Gentile, foreigner.

Note common people in culture, in language, in the faith, history and traditions, different people were called in different ways: in English — National (neyshnl), French — …. (Natsen), German — Nazi (the Nazis), in Russian — OUR. That is — we, and the rest are not ours. Here it is — a community. Ie someone we know, we're talking, here are our people. And who does not understand, it is not ours. So, "pagans" — it is not "us."

Note the Christians say: "Before the birth of Christ all people were pagans." Ie for them they were pagans. But really in Russenia in Belovodie, in India, in China, Malaysia, Australia, Easter Island all worshiped the same gods and spirits? Well, if the whole earth was of paganism? Or each nation had its own gods, their Spirits patrons? But they had all been pagans. Ie they were all pagans to Christians that representatives of a foreign culture, a foreign tradition, a foreign faith of another foreign language. Therefore, Christians, and called all the Gentiles. And our ancestors — called Christians — pagans, Mohammedans — pagans, Jews — Gentiles, clear, right? This is — of community.

Now, mind you, write the word "pagan": IAZICHNIK (approximately) — the word "pagan." Pagan Greek-read — "the one ethnic group." Or as we say in Russian — ethnicity. Gumilev tried .. The same word — a pagan. Or Gentile in Latin: "pohane". Read — Trash, Latin "AN" or the English "ech" sounds like a Slavic Ukrainian "G" in Ukrainian — "Garneau boy." And by the way, this letter remained in the Serbian and harvatskom.

What do we say "Old Church Dictionary" Moscow edition 1894 over here these three words here?:
1. "Foreigners, foreigners, strangers, the representatives of other nations, with alien beliefs, traditions and culture."
ie, it is not our interpretation, not Soviet. This is Imperial Russia. Ie you can see, even in times of Aleksandar 3 and Nicholas 2 people knew that the pagans, the representative of another nation. Therefore never negovril that Slavs were pagans. Immediately the question arises: with respect to what they were pagans? In relation to other people speaking in tongues to the worship of other gods, with entirely different traditions, lifestyle and culture-that for them the Slavs were pagan.

So Christians, especially the Roman rite, and called all — unclean. So many ignorant people, especially in the Baltic States, are trying to revive the "Poganskuyu faith" ie themselves — pogantsy.No they too were affected by the Christianization-only they have imposed a different stereotype ie the western Slavs imposed Catholicism, Eastern — orthodoxy and then they say, see, you love each other — pagans. And Catholics now ROC-Schnick called pagans, and those Catholics are called pagans.

Why do you think the ROC calls all Catholics heathens? And because they have — Kummiry — Fresh Virgin Mary and Christ that Kummiry statues, and other saints, they do in the form of the statue. A statue of the same Kummir. Got it? And Catholics are called ROC-Schnick pagans because they believe that those boards worship, calling out the images, and over the Slavs to Christians also were the image, then these too are pagans.

The second meaning, the modern:
2. "Hostile Slavic tribes speaking different languages and believed in different gods," "Russian Veda", application, Moscow 1992 by, str.285-7?
3.How "Gentile" Christians interpret "this word means all the people, preaching the gospel of salvation neoglashennye never converted to Christianity." "Bible Encyclopedia, Archimandrite Nicephorus", Moscow, 1891god. Ie, according to the Christian interpretation — all people who are not Christians — all — Gentiles.

People who do not know the original interpretation, language — yes, it's the people, but look what is form — multilingualism — is representative of a people, and what? And NO that is incomprehensible. Ie a form of verb declension — connection — LANGUAGE Yazici. People — human. Ie book form letters. Still the same: "Who are you, man?" Or — the person, but say — human. And here: Language — heathen. And what? And no, not ours, is not foolproof. Here it is the etymology.

Pagan Greek-read — "the one ethnic group." Or as we say in Russian — etnos.Eto all nasluhu por.Gumilev yet tried. We like some Soviet scientists, to give a smart look to their works, use of foreign terminology. Without even having anything in my head. And it is not only scientists, but also politicians, too. Gaidar when asked: "Are you a believer?", He replied: "Yes, I am an agnostic." And when the young man asked, "that you are there to make your sect?" Gaidar said, "We are increasing the mentality of thinking." This is an example of ignorance. But in order to make himself look wise, they use foreign terminology. Why do we need a foreign terminology, if we have your word?

"Ethnos" — when the Trojans with akibityankami arrived in Italy, they saw the town on 8 hills. They asked residents passing: "Whose city?" They said, "This is the city of Prince Roma. And he is still Roma and name. " — "And who built it?" — "A — these Russian». And so it turned ET — RUSSIAN. Thus Russian people built a city on 8 hills. Although Christians and believed that he was on a 7-hills, and he was at 8: in the 94th year unearthed. A built our. And at the heart of all — that is world history? yes all Slavic.

You can add, now is propaganda, that traditional beliefs in Russia is — Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. But Christianity has come to us from Byzantium. Judaism came to us from Israel. Islam from Arabia Saud. Buddhism came here from China. So what? It turns out that the Slavs of his, like, was not. Can this be? Can not. And why not? Yes, because they have previously had their own culture, and notice all the other pagans came, and they came not from unbelief to the Faith call, they came for people to renounce their faith, their gods, and made an alien doctrine. But all people it is called treason. Traitor and are not understood and there bad meet. Ie get it? Forcibly imposed Christianity in Russia, was originally a society of traitors. A betrayed the memory and the graves of their ancestors were called priests — Fathers ashes of devotees. Therefore, the place is called sidalischnoe pop.

We recorded the last time any of the Gods? God Indra, it stopped. (It has already dismantled 20 Vyšna Gods).

Next — Kalyada — Most High God, managing great change in the life of the Great Race Births and descendent of heaven. In ancient times, the Most High God has given to many Kalyada Rodham relocated to the western lands, the number system of seasonal time to conduct field work. This number system called Kalyada-gift that is calendar. They were used not only south-western Slavs, but also western. Especially Etruscan. From them and took over the Latins, and they believed that calends Again, the word "Kalyada." Calculus 8 daily — working week (8 dnevki) and one output (market day), ie again, a 9-day week.

And also gave wise Kolyada Vedas, the commandments and precepts that Then we will study. "Veda Carols" never been published, but the fact that Mr. Barashkov publishes "Book Kalyada" is he sitting there, wrote a new will come soon, he stole our this logo instead of the "polar explorer" stuck "Gamayun" ornament made rounded , our font changed to the Slavic-Aryan holy-Russian, and came up with 15 more songs Kolyada and even music — out in the journal "Science and Religion", order, buy.

Carol is the patron gods of different people and priests. Kalyada often depicted with a sword in his hand, and the blade of the sword was called the tip down to symbolize — saving wisdom of the gods and ancestors, as well as the unshakable adherence to the laws of heaven, as established by God for all of the Halls of Svarog Svarog Circle. This peace symbol. A sword with the tip up — a protection against external and internal enemies.

Celebration in honor of the God Carols falls on a day of the winter solstice. This festival is also known as the menorah ie the day of change. In celebration went from house to house a group of men, dressed in the skins of various animals, ie, they are called — masks, which were called warriors Carols. They sang hymns glorifying Kalyada and arranged special dances around sick people, that they have recovered. This continued even after conversion to Christianity. Therefore, some researchers write ancient culture that guards Carols never baptized, postvovalis but not obscenely expressed ie no swearing, no one spoke, and in the days of the holiday they never returned to the house, where they live, they were going in a house and there that nokalyaduyut, that and eat. Remember, we painted a holiday where that went?
Ie People back home, when freed from the ashes of Perun, and this is just coincidence — and the changes and return. But there is a captive all evil, so it is like Christmas Carols squad to symbolize all evil, from which paid off sweet, baking and other things. And while the squad was doing good works — she went to places where people are sick, going round, sang hymns and people were healed.

Hymn of praise: "God Kolyada, nice and treslaven wake, we thank Thee for the gracious assistance Rodham ours, and wake everyone to intercede in all our acts, now and ever, and from circle to circle, to be tacos, taco Yasi, taco wake. '.

Carol and Goddess Kali have nothing in common. Goddess Kali — Kali-Ma is the Black Mother, patroness she Dravidians and the Nagas ie Negroid peoples who lived in Dravid ie in ancient India. Nagi — it is not white, and the Druids — white.

Kryshen — is not hariets Kryshen named after him, which the Indians, "Hare Krishna" sung, and even took in his blue black man painted and some say that they say Kryshen and Krishna — yes, in tune, and God is the same, but manifestations of man on earth, he enlightened that it is the messenger of Heaven, so all the pictures of how to show that it is different from those who live on the earth? That he was sent from heaven? Heaven what color? All shades of blue. Why he was in the picture as the blue paint in order to give an unearthly look.

Kryshen — God of heaven — the patron of the ancient wisdom, he is God, the managing commission lrevnih rites, rituals and festivals, so while watching bloodless offering rites and gifts for burnt offerings, no blood sacrifice.

In times of peace advocates in various Kryshen. Svarga purest ancient wisdom, and in heavy labor for the Great Race time he takes up arms and stands as God Warrior, protecting women, the elderly, children, and all the weak and disadvantaged.

Kryshen god Krishna and Sky, which in Hinduism, it is one and the same person, but Krishna incarnated on earth, that is, a person is a completely different substance, a completely different person. Ie the same as Prince Vladimir, who? Vladimir Stolnokievsky? Chernigov, Vladimir? Vladimir Suzdal? Vladimir Mann? Vladimir Lenin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, or Vladimir Putin? They all Vladimir, but they are something different personality.

Because Kryshen is God — the patron saint of the Hall Tour of Svarog circle, it is called the heavenly shepherd who grazes cattle celestial cows, and tours. Ie, figuratively speaking, the celestial tour, cows — are clouds. He plays the flute. Ancient deep images just realized so low that here is such a shepherd lived, and then, when the battle began between the two Hindu birth, he took the gun and gave Arjuna laser — on popolzuyut, nuclear-pumped, well popolzovavshis so that Kashmir turned God knows what. The result was a small nuclear zavarushka. Ie 12,000 years ago Mahidzharu destroyed and then Kashmir.

In Revelation there is generally the number of troops of horse that is objects that are struck, there were 2 billion ie and strike force was about equal. Ie fought 4 billion tons of one hit 7 billion that is lost when it is in the ancient text description of that on Earth lived 21-22 million people and it was quite normal. It is now known who cries about overpopulation. How much to Earth, so she will feed. This is even Stolypin their calculations confirmed.

I cited the source, which many do not recognize. Ask any Jew, and he says that the Talmud — is the infallible teaching that not one letter, not one word of the Talmud is not a lie. Read the Talmud and what it says? "In the 70th year after the destruction of the Jerusalem temple in the city of Betar Romans destroyed 4 million Jews." — If we assume that in the Talmud it is written all just do not be surprised by this 6-million — had they not been in the World: 4000000000 ., but if you lived 20 billion, why not 4 billion?

A 6 million in the Second World War — is just something about 0, 6% of the total population, and more than just something hit rusichi 20-plus million and in times of Soviet power? song from Luba, "King did not like the people, by the thousands, reptile, ruined. But Stalin was a wise people of the rules, but here's the truth 40 million sent to the other world. " It is under Stalin 40, if you read Mr. Adolf Shilgrubera or Hitler who had published, in the 24th year in his book "Mein Kampf", he wrote that in Lenin's time was destroyed 30 million of the great Russian people. This chapter 9 "the people and the race" in "Mein Kampf" by the letter "M". not to listen to any politicians, pseudo scientists and pseudo great people — take primary sources and read. If "Mein Kampf" was published in Israel in evrite 50 million copies in six months and the entire print run sold out, it means that someone is interested. As in the KVN "Great country Israel, Jews living there 49 years nationalities."
Kryshen anthem: "Bose surety Great Kryshen you all in the land of Light Svarga patron praise thee, you call, be upon your wisdom, but above all our generations, and from the circle and to the circle."

We have examined the upward call of the Gods. We have listed only the upward call of God 22, and many more. 22 upward call of God — it is the gods, worship which is constantly in Belovodye and Svyatorase. The rock that is where the sunset over the Urals and other revered there Vyšna Gods. Ie for example, those gods that patrons have, they may be behind the stone to be a priority that is be the highest.

Now, the next category of the Gods — Gods of the patron.
Gods patrons Orthodox Old Believers-Light Ynglings call those gods who protect the Stars, Sun, Earth, moons, and the various elements, as well as all the clans of the Great Race and the descendent of heaven in the universe and help to maintain their existence and harmonious development, in light of the universe in accordance with the Laws of the Creator Nezyblimymi — creator, whom we, the people anoint Grand Ra-M-X. Writes: Ra-Ha-M or so — trehrunnik: Ra-pure light shine, M — material, materialized, multifaceted universe, Ha — a positive force. Note, however, Ra-Ha-M is not a name. RAMHA — is the one who gave this Zhiznerodyaschy Light Zhiznerodyaschuyu this effect.

Each of the celestial gods, the protector of fulfilling its heavenly deeds, but also helps people walking in the ways of spiritual development and artistic creation, in the ways in which a clear conscience is the measure of everything.

Who are our ancestors attributed to the gods of the patron?

Dazhbog not Dazhdbog — Tarkh Perunovich and Dazhbog — God — Patron of the Sun, where our ancestors lived ie not on the Midgard-Earth and Earth Ingard (from cats and people have gone too).

Dazhbog Svarozhich is God — pokrovitelm and personification of the sun in the Hall of Gold Race on Svarog Circle. These things Sun Rod white people living on Earth this solar system, called Dazhbog-Sun. Ie white people living on other planets, called his star — Dazhbog-sun. Not Dazhdbog and Dazhbog, Svarozhich the skies and sunshine.

And we used to be named as its sun? Yarylo. And they called his Dazhbog. And that Tarh — son named Perun Dazhdbog ie God gives it to him as a nickname. A Dazhbog — the name of the sun in the system.

Of the great glorious descendants moved on Midgard-Earth at Yarila — sun remembered their ancient homeland and called themselves only as Dazhbogovy grandchildren. Ie descendants of those who emigrated from the sun to-Dazhbog Jarilo-sun. Ie, the descendants of the Clans of the Great Race, koi lived under the glow of a sun-shine Dazhbog and moved to Midgrad-Yarily-Earth to the sun.
In the future, with a beautiful Ingard Earth from the gold of the sun came to Midgard Earth in ancient times Tarkh Perunovich called Dazhbog. And he brought to those who moved with Ingard Ancient Vedas and the Commandments. Ie from one system to another has brought. Well, incidentally beat egg Kascheyu, that captured the Midgard-Earth. He's not once was.

Descendants of people who migrated to Ingarden, formed the Great Birth Rasichey and Rasen. And after visiting their Tarkhov, began to call themselves also Dazhdbozhimi grandchildren. Ie there Dazhdbog grandchildren, and there Dazhdbozhi grandchildren. This is not a typo when writing, but completely different tribes.

Our ancestors believed that wedding favors Dazhbog not Dazhdbog and Dazhbog, meets the groom at dawn to light matrimony, and therefore said that accomplishes wedding in heaven, and blessed Dazhbog — Sun. Once the soul come out here, that means that light illuminates the soul.

Stribog. Notice in Novgorod, in Galicia, in Pomerania (Prussia, Pomerania Rus) they have been Stribog of the upward call of the Gods. Why? And the sea is close by, especially in coast-dwellers.

Stribog is God who controls the lightning, storms, winds, and storms on Midgard — Earth. People turn to him when the dry period is needed rain cloud or vice versa, in the rainy season it is necessary that Stribog dispersed the clouds and the sun-warmed Yarylo filled with moisture fields, orchards and vegetable gardens. Ie when it is necessary to change the weather: lots of rain — asked Stribog, rain and he drove a cloud to the neighbors, or vice versa, in dry weather — it is a cloud with a rain drove.

Stribog also controls the winds and dust storms on earth Oreya. Ie on Mars.
In addition, he is the patron God of the Earth that is Stribog Saturn system Yarila-sun. But most of all, our ancestors worshiped Stribog as a fighter and destroyer of all kinds of evil deeds evil designs. Therefore, in the chronicles and legends of ancient times and it is said that there is a description, when at the conclusion of certain commercial transactions, contracts, people fastened, pronouncing the name Stribog. Why? Because he "fighter atrocities and evil thoughts" and if the person insincere Stribog his lies can hit by lightning. The Romans called Stribog Saturn and after him to arrange holidays Saturnary. Ie it is they, too, were like one of the upward call of the Gods.

LadoBog — is Lady Lada, and there Ladobog, it is God's heavenly patron of peace and harmony between people from different genera of the Great Race, in addition Ladobog even God — the patron of the various arts and crafts. God is wise Ladobogo patron every kind of reconciliation, and harmony in the ancient — and Slavic Aryan birth, clans and families, and also the patron saint of this strong friendship and sincerity between clans and nations. Ie If the song they sang: "Oh, give us child Lada Lada" Lada called it, and when they said, "Oh, Childbirth amicable, and not one among them battle, Ladobog, he has helped us all to be friends." Ie you can see, when the issue of procreation, family, there — Lada, and when — peace, friendship and sincerity that — Lado. Lado — a man, but life — is a woman. A daughter Lada — Lola — Goddess of Love.

Yarabog — God is in control, the patron Yarovov blooming in the fields, it is the nature of God is the guardian of the Midgard-Earth. It helps preserve the nature Mermaids — ie Virgin birds, water — guardian spirits of reservoirs and rivers, goblins — guardian spirits of forests, Brownies — good guardian spirits of the hearth. Yarabogo protects the fields that grow rye, he sees to it, that the ears of rye flooded with the life force of the sun-Yarylo for free meadows and fields of crops he grows all kinds of beautiful flowers, of which he Mermaid weave wreaths. Mind you, this is the Virgin Mermaids birds, and Pushkin thought it poludeva-poluryba. Think about it, how could so thin hands to climb a tall oak tree with a tail? Gills would have dried up by the heat. And it just took off because she Maiden bird. Therefore, a mermaid and sitting on the branches. And with a fish tail is green-we Mavka. Mavochki. A Wood Goblin help alive. Zhivkov. Zhivochki. Alive — this is good-natured girl, but love to play, to get somewhere in the wilderness. Of all the clothes they have just the hair and belt. Hair they disbanded so that they gird it turns out that they were in his hair, as in clothes. So wrong when they write that Zhivkov were hairy, almost like a bear. And they just had nice hair. Sometimes they head adorned with wreaths of flowers or green leaves. Clothing loved doing yourself out of the foliage. They were good. They were evil to the evil people. They could have their zamorochit, to get into the swamp, anywhere, if people come to the evil forest. Ie like you, and to you. Therefore we did and everything is fine.

Happened even if the traveler was asleep in the forest, in the event of danger Zhivkov waked. Suppose a man had fallen asleep under a tree, wakes him Zhivkov, "Get up, get up, get up." Man gets up, lights the fire-torch and see — around wolves. What did the people in this case? He walked with the torch on the leader. Note wolf pack it without the team leader did not attack. Well, if we go against the Bears, just to compete with Misha, he went, and every beast he feels the power when it goes without fear — the wolf feels. The man went to the leader and the flock left. Why? Because leader felt stronger and is not seen as a master, and as the pack leader, a new, more powerful, and the flock left. Leader of the pack is always ahead of the pack.

Jarilo-Solnts or just Yarila. Illustrious patron god of earthly life, Yarila patron of all pure light of good intentions heart, patron of people think. Yarila — the keeper of all the pure light of our hearts and the ancient light, which gives all that live on Midgard warming light and warmth, love and a fulfilling life. Yarila image of the Sun is often portrayed in the home in a variety of svastichnyh characters or horses, so one of the options is called the Swastika horse. And painted — solar chariot rides across the sky.

The couple — God and Goddess Sumerla against the ground, or simply write: Winter and Sumerla — Gods of the underworld that protect the vast underground reserves of Mother Earth from raw greedy people who are looking for a variety of wealth in the bowels of the earth. For example, the gravedigger, who came up with a name — archaeologists. How to protect? Pour example, excavations with water or covered with earth, or so-called Guardians of mounds, or the Curse of the pyramids — it's what is not necessary to climb. Imagine you have relatives buried in a Christian ceremony. You have come to the cemetery to visit them, and then some guys from the Institute dig the grave of your relative — you like that? And as a host to stay on this look? Punish. Do not you should be, you do not climb.

These gloomy pantries, as well as the magnificent rooms of winter and Sumerla illuminates his unique underground shining light that is reflected in the breathtaking splendor placers different semi-precious stones, as well as gold and silver veins. Also, when people start to go down here, winter and Sumerla that of wealth that followed, was filled with people Khmara. Khmara this fear in the first place, but not only, Khmara this altered consciousness. And people are beginning to see in a simple stone jewelry, and especially they show gold and silver veins, and what happens to people, especially if there are many? They begin to destroy each other until pereubivayut each other, and if someone is left alone in the living, he goes crazy and never did not get there.

Goddess Tara — it is also called Tarina, Taya, Tabitha, Nastya, Thais. The younger sister of God Tarh called Dazhbog, a daughter of God Perun. Goddess Tara is always sparkling with kindness and love, affection, care and attention. Her grace is poured out not only in nature but also on people. Vechnoprekrasnaya Goddess Tara is the keeper of the sacred groves, forests and groves and sacred trees of the Great Race — oak, cedar, elm, birch and ash. Due to the fact that the Goddess Tap along with his older brother tarhi protect vast land and Belovodye Svyatorasy,
These territories are called, and Tara Tarh ie Great Tarhtariey. Or in Latin, it is written: Grand Tartaria. This is called — Garden of Eden, Bright heaven. And the Greeks said, Who goes there — back that is not returned Who's the evil thoughts come — Bosko himself swerve, but with good intentions will come — will live, but it does not want to go there, because the earth …

Also, what is now called the North Star, the Slavic and Aryan peoples star is named in honor of this beautiful goddess, too, Tara. Ie The constellation Ursa Minor — is Virgin Zimun and Polaris — is Tara.

Yoga woman — she's Yogini — Mother — always beautiful, loving, kind-hearted patron goddess of orphans and children in general. So Christians and made it into a bogey, bogey, to deprive the children of the talisman. She wandered to the Midgard-Earth is in Tierra del heavenly chariot, then on horseback all Zmlyam, which lived Childbirth Great Race and descendent of heaven, collecting bezprizornyh children orphaned by castles and villages that for example, in the battle of the parents and relatives are all dead, and were children — bezprizornymi. And she collects them. Each Slavic-Aryan weight, and even in every crowded City or village patron goddess learned to radiate kindness, gentleness and meekness, love and elegant boots, which were decorated with golden ornaments, and showed her where to live orphans. Ordinary people called Goddess in different ways, but always with gentleness. My grandmother-Yaga — Golden Foot (once decorated with gold boots), and who simply Yaginey-mother.

Orphans Yaginya delivered to your foothill skit, which was in the very heart of the forest at the foot of Erie Gore. This is what we call the Mongolian Altai, ie where Iriy our quietest, Irtish. All this she did in order to save him from certain death of the last representatives of the oldest Slavic and Aryan birth. In the foothills of the monastery where Mother-Yaginya spent orphans through fiery dedication ceremony Vyšna Gods had Kapishe Rod, carved into the stone of the mountain. Next to the mountain temples of its kind in the rock there was an indentation, which is called the Priests Rod — PESCH-PA. and then remade into a cave. Of deepening PESCH-RY nominated pavement, divided into two equal flange grooves called shovel. Ie once reznoy stucco ukraschen, shovels then turned into Lepota.

And Christians interpret — shovel: that took a shovel and a stove. In fairy tales, misrepresented that sadila Baba Yaga on the shovel and throwing children into the oven. I paint in the context of a rock, here PESCH-RA, is brought shovels, there are two hollow. In one of the pits, which was closer to Peschre, Yaginya-Mother was putting the sleeping children in white. In the second recess superimposed dry firewood. Shovels then began moving back into pesch-ru, and Yaginya set fire to wood. For all those present at the ceremony of fire meant that children — orphans were devoted Vyšna Ancient Gods and their worldly life they bring no one else sees. Foreigners, who sometimes attended the fire rituals (SPE arrived at the market in the monasteries — the settlements), very vividly present in their territories, with their own eyes that watched the small children were sacrificed to the ancient gods by throwing them alive into the fiery furnace, and has done this Baba Era. Foreigners was not aware that when the platform began to move-in with shovels Mr. Pesch, a special mechanism lowered the stone slab to a ledge with shovels and separated the recess with the children from the fire. Children separated from the fire, but for all they sacrificed.
When the fire flared up in Mr. Pesch priests Rod transferred children from going into the shovel in the room houses of the clans. In consequence of orphans brought priests and priestesses, and when they become adults, boys and girls have families and nurture offspring.

But nothing of the aliens did not know, and continued to spread the tale of that wild priests Slavic and Aryan peoples, especially bloodthirsty Baba Era bring orphaned children as a sacrifice to the gods. These silly outlandish tales influenced image Yagini Mother-and especially after the Christianization of Rus', the image of a beautiful young goddess replaced images of ancient evil and hunchbacked old woman with matted hair that steals young children and toast them in the oven in a forest hut and then eats them . Even the name of the Goddess Yoga distorted and started to call her Baba Yaga — ivory leg, and began threatening the Goddess of all children.

See, the children grew up. And who is 10-15 years in a young priest or priestess learns of an orphan? No one. But she is saved from extinction Childbirth. And then there is the priests looked after.

Strangers no one initiated into the subtleties of fire ceremony with orphans. Strangers only know that all — of these children no longer for this world — they are dedicated to a different world. What? Priestly world, the spiritual world, because their purpose is — the spiritual development and preservation of its kind. What could be higher goal — to preserve the purity of one of their birth? And it's taking on the priests.

PESCH-RA wrote together, is "b" — short "E", so get Pechere.

Understand, this is now getting a strange picture, the state takes care of the purity of blood of animals, right? Breeding horses, breeding cows, breeding sheep, but the purity of the blood of the people for some reason do not care, Be fruitful, who is with whom, multiply, who is who wants to die out, the genocide, a complete disgrace.

About ryboedah. In 1987, in the Yamal-Nenets district population of about 40,000 Khanty. Over the next five years, the number of them was cut in half — half of them died. Why? He and his childhood people fish and fish chschikam give her cologne, ie from childhood they are poisoned alcoholic poison, they have no immunity to it, they are dying. All of them will soon be nothing left. The same Chukchi, Yakuts and others simply destroyed.

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