Interior Ministrys daily saves from cold on the road, dozens of people

Police every day saving dozens of people who, because of cold weather freeze on the roads of Russia, the Interior Ministry reported on Thursday.

Biting cold kept in Russia for more than a week — from minus 18 in Moscow, to minus 50 in Siberia. They have already caused the death of dozens of people, the abolition of school fees, damage cars on the roads and disruption of construction terms. According to RIA Novosti source in the medical community of Moscow, because of frost around the country just in the last day, almost 60 people were taken to hospitals, and two died.

"Every day, employees of traffic police rescue dozens of people who have got into difficulties on the roads because of the cold weather. Ultra-low temperature regime established in many Russian regions, complicated the situation on the roads. Traffic police staff assist road users, who are in a difficult situation on suburban highways" — said in a release from the Ministry of Interior.

Office recalled that the last time there was a series of failures buses on country roads.

One such road accidents occurred in the Tomsk region: on the long-distance road trip bus broke down in the cabin which was carrying 38 people. At the time of the accident the air temperature was 40 degrees below zero. People were rescued.

"A similar situation occurred in the Novosibirsk region: traffic policeman helped the passengers on the bus, broke on the way between settlements. On the bus, there were ten passengers and the driver" — reminded Office.

MIA due to cold weather appealed to residents of a request in the event of such emergency to immediately call the police, which in the cold days are constantly patrolling the roads.

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