Invasion of the aliens on the South Urals!


To the Editor of the "First Regional" asked a resident Uiskoe district. He said that every night UFOs flying above the village Larino. First UFO appears around 21.00, the closer to midnight — the more they are in the sky.

A resident of the village said that the unidentified objects in the skies of the Southern Urals are observed for a long time.






"Ten years from now flying somewhere. Yet another cigarette smoke, five pieces flew. And now for 40 minutes, one flies. Now somehow become clear to fly. They disguise themselves as airplanes, so people pay less attention. Flies and flashes. Planes are flying with sound, and UFOs — no sound "- sure witness the incident.



Larinets maintains altitude space objects — about one kilometer. It is not an unusual phenomenon can be observed only on cloudy days and in good visibility of the moon.

In addition, several years ago, South Urals seen a huge space object with a length greater than 200 kilometers. But as it was possible to set the size of the space object, and most importantly whether it was possible to make contact with aliens, the villagers prefer not to comment.

For 50 years, reports of UFO sightings in the Chelyabinsk region are permanent. For the first time an unusual phenomenon was recorded in 1961. Then in the night sky Karabash was seen a ball of fire that was moving from the top of the hill "Gold Mountain." For 15 minutes the brightness and the apparent size of the object is not changed, any sound from the object was not. It should be noted that the event was witnessed only by one person.

In 1979, a similar object was seen passenger car on the track Chrysostom — Beloretsk. An unidentified object at first pursued the car, and then hung in front of her for a few minutes.

A year ago in Zlatoust glowing object flew into the apartment. Man to the stranger spoke obscenely for a guest shot him with a laser. The use of arms, fortunately, suffered only a sofa.



In May 1990, witnessed the appearance of a UFO was already a large group of people. The flying object moved silently and with a little speed. Behind the ball remained glowing crimson haze and blurring rays reddish color, which bent and changed direction. Then suddenly glow ball stopped.

In 2001, Satke witnesses noticed a very big star. UFO even videotaped.

In July 2003, over Kyshtym was spotted an object the size of a football. He threw fiery spray, and then released into the ground three powerful beam. A year later, the sky was observed in Chelyabinsk has two objects that flew silently over the city without leaving a trace.

In April 2005, over Chelyabinsk was a round white object with no glittering elements, which excluded the origin of his airplane. The facility did glides around.

It should be noted that in most cases UFO observed in the evening and night hours. In addition, one can clearly distinguish three types of objects: the glow balls, no balls and stars glow. Also noteworthy is the fact that in most cases the witnesses do not capture the phenomenon on camera or camcorder.

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