Inventors from Chelyabinsk to create an action flying a minibus!


Valery brothers, Sergey and Alexander Kovalchuk living in Chelyabinsk, devised a unique invention for which they have already managed to issue a patent. So, they invented the flying machine on electricity, which has been used a number of unique technical solutions, the likes of which the world has not.

What's interesting — the Kovalchuk brothers have no technical education, all of them invented miracles due solely to natural talent. To date on their account over 15 patented inventions, among them — the silent live cartridge, a device for collecting the spilled oil over the pond, an unmanned aerial vehicle for knocking down icicles and more.

As for their latest invention, then they already have a working model that the brothers assembled from aluminum, balsa wood, plastic and foam. According to them, their invention will relieve the megacities of traffic jams on the roads. Kovalchuk said that foreign companies have already approached him with a request to sell the patent, but they refused, thinking that Russia is an invention is more necessary. By the way, some of their inventions are used in the power structures of the United Kingdom and Poland, think about it and Russian security forces.

Experts familiar with the device invented in Chelyabinsk flying the bus, said that it was used a revolutionary method of creating thrust. According to experts, the Chelyabinsk know-how has virtually no restrictions on the use, in contrast to the helicopter with the aircraft.

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