Iranian aqua channel: construction project or policy?

In recent years the stereotypes of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is associated only with the fact that Ahmadinejad is trying by all means to implement the nuclear program from. With all of this so-called "democratic" sector of the planet convinced that Iran's nuclear programm focused only on receipt of a State of nuclear weapons, with which Tehran would threaten the world. So neuzh somewhere in present-day Iran, indeed, is not no other development can not be realized and other programs, not including the enrichment of uranium? In fact it is not so far away.

Virtually days are from Tehran came very fascinating information that is related to the work of Iranian engineers over the principal project. Project this is associated with a likely start construction later this year, aqua artery (channel), which will connect the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf. On the realization of such large-scale project announced Iranian Energy Minister Majid Namdz.

According to him, the project is already there. We can only begin to implement it in reality. And if this incarnation is implemented, then the channel will be based on the related Baltic and the Persian Gulf. If we consider the prospects for further large scale project, it seem possible to transport goods from the Indian Ocean to the Arctic coast and back.

The total length of the channel to be about 600 km. He will start in the delta of the river Kyzyl-Uzen, which flows into the Caspian Sea. Next channel will be partly routed through the same channel of the river, close to the south — the bed of Kerhe with access to the mouth of the navigable river Karun near the town of Khorramshahr. It is reported that the project is useful to Iran about 7 billion dollars, which by today's times can be called very applicable amount for such a promising project.
And the prospects for such a channel is, and they are truly impressive. First, let's say that at the moment one of the most important thoroughfares of the region is Turkish Bosphorus. Just one last year through the Bosphorus was 95 thousand vessels for various purposes. And in the midst of these vessels fraction of the lion — oil tankers. Once a year, the Turkish Treasury receives billions of dollars from the use of the ships of other countries ability to pass through the waterways of Turkey. You can imagine for yourself what the Iranian konkurentnst channel can make the system of the Bosphorus-Dardanelles, and accordingly, any money put Ankara Done!

Of course, the Turkish authorities do not have a huge ecstasy of that Tehran plans to start construction channel that connects the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf. Of course! Well, tell me, who would want to lose unchanging source of income just because of his own zeal neighbor …

According to the same Namdz Majid, channel can be built by the end of 2016. This can be fully, if Iran is using to build the works of more than 100 thousand professionals in the various fields of construction, hydrology, shipping, etc. It becomes clear that project construction of the Iranian channel is able to bring the Iranian economy to a high level. Just the number of jobs that will be in the country in relation to the construction of the aqua line is able to solve the problem of unemployment immediately in several provinces of the Islamic Republic. Well, income from the operation of the channel can be comparable to what is now Turkey only from the fact that it is at the disposal of the Bosphorus.

By the way, their desire to participate in the investment of the project is already expressed such countries as China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Sweden and Norway. In this regard, the Russian Federation, and would be worth a closer look to the Iranian project, the more so when it designed the Iranians used the Russian production associated with the construction of the Volga-Don and Volga-Baltic aquatic pathways. RF would be very profitable to be able to display their products to the Asian markets through Iranian channel, reducing, speak out so that the role of the Turkish straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles as.

But specifically, the question of money, which is now in Iran in connection with the implementation of the designated project, it seems more than a benevolent, can play a cruel joke with Tehran. Far not all the countries of the region (to take the same Turkey) are ready to ensure that Iran has permitted itself to economic victory. Because words of the Iranian Minister Namdz that the end of the canal will be done in Iran in 2016, it is necessary to recognize written forks on the water. Why? Yes, because the "progressive democratizers" has not given up the idea to bring Iran to the countryside "bright democratic future" with air raids and attacks from warships. Many are convinced that the Iranian nuclear problem of the West, with the active participation of Israel, will decide as soon as the change of power in Syria. Maybe more proactive in this respect from the West should expect after the U.S. presidential elections. Namely, the emperor Romney which referred to in the days of its candidate for vice-president (who was the 42-year-old Paul Ryan), not once allowed to express themselves that is willing to immediately give the order to strike on Iran, will come into office Rounded white houses in the U.S. capital .

It turns out that if the Iranians will build waterway from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf this year, we can finish building it is a completely different people. Well, whether to finish building? For Iran, such a scenario is, of course, looks apocalyptic, but as we are aware, it can not be ruled out. If suddenly the Western forces would strike on the Islamic Republic, Turkey, of course, be forced to take the most active operations role. And if the Turkish side in this issue show considerable zeal, the West will go to the meeting Erdogan, is unlikely to continue the project of Iranian channel on its own. If Ankara same zeal in support of the "world democratization" of Iran's West does not seem sufficient, the West can do is completely water line that could compete with the same Bosporus and Dardanelles.

In general, it should be noted that now Iranian project to build a canal — as a concept idea and adventurous. Or Ahmadinejad so confident in their own abilities that he was ready to throw billions of dollars to build a project (albeit a very promising), or is it an attempt to put pressure on the typical Turkish authorities in order to get a strategic ally of principle: say, do not support the operation against us — we will not pull up a piece of bread and butter of your hands. But that's the rub for Iran, Turkey can stay in the profit and taking part in NATO operations against Tehran. Of course, the Iranian authorities are well aware of, but if so, what is the benefit they are trying to find?

The fact that Tehran is my project able to make lucrative offer of, which apparently is interested in reducing the dependence of the Turkish Straits. Maybe Iran wants to enlist the support of a solid concrete Moscow. But whether Moscow is ready to accept such a proposal in this situation — the big question. As long as the authorities of the Russian Federation did not even comment on the Iranian claim 4 billion. bucks, served in the arbitration tribunal in Geneva, and therefore ambulances comments about the support or lack of support to build a canal in Iran, too, is not expected …

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