Iranian copies of the F-18

Iran announced the introduction into service of the first squadron of its own, consisting of 12 Iranian fighter jet Saegheh. It has been 5 years since that time as Iran for the first time introduced a converted South American fighter F-5 and announced a new "Saegheh" as similar to the South American fighter jet F-18. This is not the first time that Iran scrolls such tricks. But even with a redesigned tail and advanced electronics, F-5 era of the 1960s, as in the past is a cheap airplane with a low tactical and technical characteristics. Saegheh this is not the first attempt to bring the Iranian F-5. In 1990 they built a clone of the F-5E, calling it Azarakhsh. Available Iran were warped 10s during the war with Iraq, F-5, and they said that many of the planes or have been repaired or altered in Azarakhsh.

F-5E, which the Iranians were still during the Islamic revolution in 1979, is a 11-ton aircraft with a maximum speed of 1700 km per hour and the radius of the acts of 1400 km. They were armed with 2 20mm cannon and can carry about 3 tons of missiles and bombs. The Iranians used the main body of the F-5, and equipped it with 2 Russian engines. The Chinese did the same and made J-8 (MiG-21 with 2 engines), but the idea was not worth the effort.

Although the Iranians and use Russian components (in cases where they are better than the Chinese), they may use the technical assistance of China (due to price). The Chinese possess extensive experience in the development of the back (reverse engineering) Russian combat aircraft, modifications and developments. At the moment, the Chinese are moving away from this practice, so they are, in the end, realize that in the end they are left with a huge amount of bad fighters. Now they make a new air force with expensive, sverhtehnologichny fighters set by Russia or built under license.

The Iranians are obsessed with "propaganda tool", they gathered existing Russian or American parts and systems premature in announcing a technological breakthrough, "developed and implemented in Iran." It all looks quite insignificant, and it all began in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq war. Some of them are working copies somehow. So Iran SCUD missile system made long-range conventional missiles elongation and higher fuel tank. This has changed the flying characteristics of missiles, but because these missiles were fired area targets the size of a city (as Baghdad), it did not matter much importance. In fact, the Iranians do not have any need for long-range missiles, because Baghdad and so was fairly close to the Iranian border. Iran almost got the technology for these Scuds from North Korea, but Iranian press releases always portrayed it as the highest achievements of Iranian scientists and engineers.

Also during the 1980s, Iran has established the creation of chemical weapons (in the main, mustard). It was a raw material, but the design was fairly ordinary and become even better in the last 20 years. But Iran nothing is exported from its own chemical weapons.

Iran has a huge military industry and exports tool more than 50 countries. But none of these mind-blowing arms shall not be exported. Export deliveries zabugornom customers is largely made up of Russian and Chinese fakes small guns, mortars and rockets. Iran also has the reputation of the country, ready to sell tool anyone. If you have the cash, Iran will deliver to you tool, without asking unnecessary questions.

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