Iranian Cornets

As reported by Iranian news agency FARS, July 7, 2012 the first Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi has opened its arms production line ATRA Dehlaviyeh. In the words of the general, the complex is designed to defeat a variety of armored targets, including those with an active armor, with the missile guidance system is resistant to interference of various types, and the missile itself can be used against fortified ground targets.

Suspiciously submitted ATRA very reminiscent Russian anti-tank systems "Cornet-E ".

In the year 2006 Kornet ATGM were captured reservist battalion 931 in the Lebanese village of Bint Jbeil, but then the official Russian government denied the report referring to the obligation not to supply Damascus weapon to a third party. Yet on February 10 of 2007 in Munich Putin said"In the Lebanon Yes. There really were seen crates our anti systems. This is true. Me that our Israeli partners once said. We conducted a thorough investigation of what happened there. And found that these systems remain on the terrain of Lebanon after he went to the Syrian army. We spent a befitting job with Syrian partners and identified our upcoming collaboration in the field of military-technical cooperation with Syria essential criteria which would exclude the possibility of getting guns into somebody else's hands, except for those for whom it is intended. This system developed. In particular, we agreed on a system of possible inspections in warehouses in at least some comfortable time for Russian professionals. In warehouses after deliveries of our systems to Syria. "

Trophy Kornet ATGM in Lebanon

Where exactly Iran got hold of ATRA Cornet, in Lebanon in Shiite group Hezbollah, or specifically in Syria today remains a mystery. But the fact that Iran has learned from China illegally copied Russian weapons, does not cause vibrations.

Russian Kornet-E ATGM

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