Iranian female ninja with the highest morale

In the South American intelligence community, there is evidence that Iran is studying commando unit "ninja." The new Iranian unit, as it turned out, consists of 3,500 women.

According to U.S. intelligence, academic center training ninja ladies floor was opened in Tehran has long been — in 1989, the moment the center is not run by anyone, and Fatma Mohammed — bearer of the black belt and seventh dan in nindzutsu.

Students at the center of a perfect ladies have different martial arts, and all kinds of cool tools. In the center of ninja woman practice in strategy reconnaissance and commando units. "Students' Centre skillfully handle firearms and mine. They can do tasks without the help of others and in teams.

How to find South American spices, this ladies' squad is in battle availability, has supreme morale in the case of an armed conflict can be a danger to the opponent.

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