Iranian fighters have learned to intercept any missile

Air force Iran conducted tests of new weapons, including "smart" bombs and air-launched missile system, reports Fars News Agency. According to the agency, the newcomer system allows you to shoot down "any kind of missiles." During the tests, which took place in the north-east Iran, MiG-29 successfully destroyed a rocket fired by F-5 fighter jet Air Force.
What exactly is a brand new missile system, is not specified. Reported just because of her Iranian fighters will be able to detect and intercept enemy missiles. In addition to the system of Iran has also experienced a new caliber bombs Qassed two thousand pounds, said publication Ynetnews. This bomb is armed with a guidance system and is capable of hitting enemy targets at ranges up to 40 km from the discharge point.

Air force Iran also conducted test launches of new missiles air-to-surface and "air-to-air." The ability of new weapons, Iranian Air Force revealed during the third phase of the exercise "Fadaeeyan-e Harim-e Vellayat" (translated as "sacrifice for the homeland"). In total, was involved in the teaching of the entire Air Force fleet — aircraft F-4, F-5 and C-130, Su-24 and MiG-29 fighter Saeqeh also produced in Iran.

Earlier, in late June — early July, Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps held a ten-scale exercise "Lofty Prophet 6". In the process of Iranian military exercises, namely, the rocket experienced a close, intermediate and distant radii act. The commander Gen. Amir Ali maneuvers Hajizadeh said that they are not targeted against any country or group of countries, but only intended to show a willingness to Iran likely to repel aggression.

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