Iranian forces launched an artillery attack on Iraq

Iranian artillery struck strike on autonomous north-eastern regions Iraq, densely populated local Kurds, reports Associated Press.
As a result of fire, lasting four hours, two citizen Iraq were killed and three others were injured. Strike suffered through the town Sidkan located in the province of Erbil in the distance about 20 km from the border with Iran.

Neither the central government Iraq, nor the local Kurdish authorities what happened until Comment out.

Earlier, Tehran has repeatedly threatened Apply attacks on foreign bases of Kurdish rebels if they do not finish the attack on the municipal institutions in Iran.

The last such attack was the assassination of the commander of the Revolutionary Guards in the town of Qom — General Abbas Qasemi. Activists of the "Party of Free Life of Kurdistan" undermined the machine on which a senior officer was traveling together with his assistants. They all died.

Iran, like Syria and Turkey for decades does not stop the fight against Kurds are demanding greater autonomy for their own people. Earlier against Kurds supported and Saddam Hussein's regime, but after his overthrow the Kurds in northern Iraq have formed a de facto independent government. In this area is often used as a base Kurds fighting against Governments in adjacent countries.

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