Iranian general said the unprecedented military power of their own country

No country in the world has the power to organize an attack on the Iran. On this, as the "Cursor", said the commander of the land forces army Iran Ahmad Reza Fordestan.

Attack Iran would mean suicide for the country that it will take, he said.

"At the present day, our military might is superior to that of the point at which it previously was never in history" — said Fordestan. Together with that, he added that the purpose of the army of Iran to ensure security and the implementation of state interests of the Islamic republic.

Add, according to diplomatic correspondence that arrived at the disposal of the website WikiLeaks, the attack on Iran with a view to the liquidation of its nuclear facilities even five years ago, Israel has refused.

One of the dispatches devoted to the results of a meeting of South American Congressman Gary Ackerman Ariel Levite, the deputy head of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission. Leviticus said that Israel's control in the majority of their own believes a military operation against Iran unfeasible.

According to Levitt, Iran must take into account the experience of bombing Israeli aircraft on Iraqi nuclear reactor "Osirak" in 1981 because of its nuclear facilities are scattered, with some of them about Israel in general may not know. Leviticus provided that Iran able to make nuclear weapon in 2-3 years, but mentioned that Israel does not have a clear disk imaging on clandestine nuclear program there Iran.

In recent years, the press has once appeared guesses about the preparation of the Israeli military operation against Iran. Official proof of this information is not received.

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