Iranian media announced the successful testing of the latest air defense system

Iran's military on Tuesday carried out successful tests of the latest air defense system made on the basis of the American system of "Hawk", reports in the Iranian TV.

Tests were held during the second day of large-scale air defense exercises. Embrace the teachings of 850 thousand square meters. km to the north-east, east and south-east of Iran, accounting for half of the country.

During the exercise, namely, were tested missiles "I Zahra 3" and "Kader" acting against low-flying missiles and artillery system "Safat".

According to the Iranian military, system "Kader" has the highest mobility, and time to deployment is the least 30 minutes. Artillery system "Safat", in turn, may remain undetected by enemy razvedsredstv, reports "Interfax".

As reported in the exercises, which will last seven days, are also involved jet fighters, drones, air defense systems and eight thousand men, including officers of the Revolutionary Guards.

As said previously the commander of the air defense headquarters of Iran, General Farzad Esmaeili, "in the course of exercises practiced elements of the strategy in the light of contemporary threats in some parts of the world."

In recent months, Iran has a number of exercises in view of the existing threats and accusations by the United States and its allies on the Iranian nuclear utilities that says Iranian television.

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