Iranian MPs con Ahmadinejad?

It would seem that the epic attempts to Iran block the Strait of Hormuz in the event of further pressure from the West, remained in some places in 2011, the year, but last week the number of mentions of the very strait in the press again have gained critical mark. The fact that Iran has decided to reinforce one day spoken words matter, and therefore the legislative body of the Islamic Republic passed a law that closing the Strait of Hormuz is now fully be in a lawful, consider themselves as Iranian lawmakers base.

The representative of the Iranian Majlis sovereign Kudus has brought to the country's parliament a bill under which Iran would block the Hormuz strait for shipping. But through this waterway passes about 80% of the crude oil, which is now produced in the Persian Gulf. Initiative Kudus Iranian Parliament majority upheld that led all the "progressive humanity" in the face of people and citizens of a number of Western countries almost shudder to say: neuzh-war tomorrow … then, of course, that at the moment across the West, mainly in the direction of letting his "pet" Bashar Assad, but about Iran after entering the EU sanctions as well as to have forgotten (at least, on the outside all the way and looked).

But Iran and the fact is, Iran — a great country with great ability and ambition, so as not to give the West, even a hypothetical ability to declare victory over himself. That is why the law of "Legitimate" covering the Strait of Hormuz and was adopted in the Iranian parliament. But on the other hand, led Iran also did not sit doomsayers, in order to give an immediate move to the adopted law. President Ahmadinejad understands perfectly that he had only to sign the bill and give the order to the actual blockage the Strait of Hormuz as a "peaceful" NATO ships and instantly come closer, so do their universal democratic good. Not in vain, "hungry" to democratization impact of the Navy of the United States roam near the Iranian coast, so as soon as the ability to satisfy their own ferocious hunger.

In this context, "indecision" of Ahmadinejad, which is best to call a healthy pragmatism inside Iran itself cause a certain disapproval. Opponents of the current president they say that here, say, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and showed his true colors, which in fact gives a grimace of horror before the Western aggressor. In other words, the fact that the President of Iran until the new law is not going to sign, the opposition-minded towards Ahmadinejad forces are trying to use for their own benefit. And it is unlikely to be referred to as a manifestation of great patriotism, faster, it's commonplace desire to substitute the current presidency.

The fact is that even if Ahmadinejad would sign a law passed by parliament and give the order to overlap the strait, it's here will be interpreted as a major global democratizers anger on the part of Iran. And, suddenly, in the Islamic Republic is not enough any information resources to prove that it is "only" a response to European sanctions against Iran.

It turns out that accepted in the walls of Parliament in Tehran law more like not trying to defend the country's interests in the international arena, and the real provocation that could lead to a major war, compared with which the Syrian conflict or even the NATO operation in Libya will seem no more than childish pranks. Then the position of Ahmadinejad, which many supporters of mandatory tough action called spineless, it is not just sensible, reasonable and salutary not only for Iran itself, but also for the entire Near East.

But inside the country's president announced indecision may cause a surge of anti-presidential sentiment. That did not work out, Ahmadinejad decided it is called, make a move stallion. As a stallion, he chose his own course towards the continuation of nuclear applets. Namely, the news agency "AFP" with reference to the press service of the Iranian president, provides information that in Iran to 11 thousand units will increase the number of centrifuges to enrich uranium. Earlier, the number of centrifuges capable of enriching nuclear fuel to 20%, was about 10 thousand units. At least, specifically such information was provided at the time of the IAEA Commission, which tested the Islamic Republic. With all of this myself Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues to say that nuclear weapons have no place in the formation of Iran's military doctrine.
Of course, the West is this kind of statements of the Iranian president is not inclined to believe, and therefore antagonism may flare up with the newest force in almost every minute.

If we consider the parliament passed a law in Iran's ability to overlap the Strait of Hormuz, we can state that its effectiveness is oscillation. But, in fact, that even the right or in those waters cover the Islamic Republic does not have, because the strait is divided into three zones of influence. Only one of these zones — North — specifically belongs to Iran, and the other two — the United Arab Emirates and Oman. It turns out that the law is, indeed, looks like a blatant provocation, which is a natural hole under Ahmadinejad. In the best case this law can be seen as a demonstration against the West Iranian readiness at any moment to respond to the external anger, but that's ready, unfortunately, not always identically equal ability.

It turns out that the new law — it is a typical double-edged sword, which one side of the clip the wings of the current Iranian president, and on the other — makes it feel cold steel western "friends of Iran," not to relax with the ideas of an easy victory over the Islamic Republic.

In general, the new episode for prodding and injections have both the West against Iran due to the law, and Iran to the West due to the tightening "oil" of sanctions.

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